IBC AAUW Funds Luncheon by Cherril Peabody

Two very accomplished young women who are awardees of National AAUW fellowships will tell us about themselves and their work at the Interbranch Council luncheon on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

Gina Turco, who was awarded an American Fellowship, is a systems biologist using mathematical models to develop higher biomass plants. She has also been involved in organizations like Girls Who Code and Skate Like a Girl.

Cloe-Mai Le Gall-Scoville, also an American Fellowship awardee, specializes in 19th century French and English literature. Her dissertation addresses how women of color, mixed-race women and Creole women are represented in romantic, naturalistic and realistic texts.

The luncheon will be held at Plates Café, 14 Business Park Way, Building 149, Sacramento, beginning at 11:30 am. Reservations and checks are due by January 18, 2017, but it would be good if you would send them right away, since our reservation chair will be away on family business from January 11 to the 21. Please use this reservation form.

The cost is $30 per person, with checks made payable to AAUW Interbranch Council, should be sent to Barbara Durst, 874 Purdue Drive, Woodland, CA 95695. (Please note that reserving and paying by credit card on Eventbrite is not an option for this event.) The cost includes honoraria to the two speakers, plus mileage reimbursement, in appreciation of their taking the time to come and speak to us.

We encourage you to invite guests to this event, especially young women who may be inspired by our speakers!


Are You Good to Go? Come to Special Meeting on February 4! by Linda Whitney

Get Organized

Get Organized

Let’s face it! Our lives are filled with paperwork, numbers, bank accounts, passwords, health and medical documents, property and insurance paperwork, as well as financial investments.

Most of us feel some concern about what would happen if we became ill and unable to make our own medical or financial decisions. We wonder how our loved ones will take care of things when we need help, or after we are gone.

This meeting will present a simple organizing system that you can use. There will also be an option of a two-hour follow-up workshop for those who would like some additional support on creating their Estate Organizer. Your loved ones will likely view this organizer as a small miracle – and a wonderful gift.

Consider the following questions:

  • How quickly can you locate your important documents and information in case of emergency?
  • Do you have to scramble to organize paperwork at tax time or when meeting with a new legal, financial or medical professional?
  • Would your loved ones know where to locate important information they might need in case of your incapacitation?

 Join AAUW member and presenter Karen O’Hara as she shares valuable tips at this AAUW special event on

  • Feb. 4 from 9 to 11:30 a.m.
  • Carmichael Library Community Room (note change of library), 5605 Marconi Avenue
  • Click button below to register for free
  • Eventbrite - AAUW Sacramento Presents "Are You Good to Go?"

Karen has been organizing documents for others for more than 30 years. She has earned licenses as a real estate broker, insurance broker, and mortgage broker along with being a Certified Financial Planner.

What’s a “Title IX Coordinator” and Why Should I Care? by Karen Humphrey

title_9You would think that 44 years after the passage of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, equal education for all students regardless of sex would be a given in virtually all schools and colleges–the purpose of this landmark law.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Part of the reason sex discrimination still exists in education is that school systems across the country fail to make the most of their best tool for enforcing the law—the Title IX Coordinator required in districts, schools and colleges.  These people are critical to ensuring gender equity in education.

There is still a considerable lack of knowledge about Title IX. Many teachers, students and parents don’t understand what it requires, and some have never heard of it.  Some people think Title IX is just about athletics, but it actually applies to every aspect of education.  Long after its passage, new issues constantly emerge–campus sexual assault, transgender student rights, single-sex education and more.

As Title IX’s greatest champion, AAUW understands the law requires the effective leadership of Title IX Coordinators, but many people who carry that title must juggle Title IX with many other responsibilities, and get little training and support.  Often, their primary task is to handle complaints, not prevent discrimination in the first place.  With proper support, Coordinators can be leaders in really ensuring gender equity in education.

To help support Title IX Coordinators, AAUW launched the Title IX delivery project nationwide.  The project enables members to seek out Title IX Coordinators in their local schools and share with them helpful new materials from the U.S. Department of Education.   Increasing the knowledge of Title IX Coordinators helps increase their effectiveness and can build community support for equal opportunity in education.  If you’re interested, the project is described here.

This article is based on AAUW web resources, personal experience, and a new research report on Title IX Coordinators by the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Speech Trek 2017: Is it Time to Pass the ERA? by Liz Jordan

Speech Trek White edgeMark your calendars!  Signup on Eventbrite!  Speech Trek’s 10th Annual Branch Speech Contest is coming Saturday, February 18, 2017, 9:00 a.m. to Noon at the Southgate Library Community Room, 6132 66th Avenue.   

Students in grades 9-12 from Elk Grove Unified School District have been invited to speak on the topic:  Is it time to pass the Equal Rights Amendment?  If so, how can this be accomplished? How can organizations such as AAUW help in getting this amendment ratified once and for all?  In order to answer this question, students must know some detail about the amendment, how an amendment to the U. S. Constitution is passed, and what are the arguments for and against passage.  A tall order for a 5-6 minute speech!

Branch membership has been very generous in supporting Speech Trek with donations at dues renewal.  As a result, the committee has increased the prize money to be awarded this year to $500 for 1st Place, $250 for 2nd, $100 for 3rd and $50 for Honorable Mention.

All student speeches will be video-recorded.  When the branch winner is selected, the winning speech video is submitted to the state Semi-finals by uploading the video to You-tube.  The top five speeches submitted to the AAUW CA Speech Trek committee are awarded with a monetary prize.  The top 3 speeches compete at the State Convention or Annual Meeting for $500, $1000 and $1500 awards.

Eventbrite - 2017 Speech Trek

Speech Trek is a Mission-Based program that is part of our educational outreach efforts.  For more information, please contact

Membership Matters by Shirley Wheeler and Pat Winkle

On November 19 the Membership Committee hosted a meet and greet gathering for new and prospective members at the home of Sandi Schoenman. Our featured AAUW Outreach Committee was Speech Trek. Students who attend one of the nine high schools in Elk Grove are eligible to participate. Liz Jordan and Shari Beck, chairpersons of Speech Trek, presented the history of Speech Trek, how students apply and are selected to compete, and information about the actual event and the next steps for local winners who are eligible to compete at the state level. A number of times our branch winners have placed in the state contest. Liz and Shari also brought photo albums, literature for the students on how to apply and a timeline for completion of tasks for the committee members. This is the tenth anniversary of Speech Trek and Liz and Shari are just as enthusiastic and positive about the project as they were on day one!  Everyone enjoyed the gathering.  Join us on February 18 for the next Speech Trek contest. Refer to your newsletter for details.

Please join us in welcoming our newest members:

KimbWelcome New Memberserly McDaniel received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master of Arts in Higher Education from California State University, Northridge and a PhD in Education (higher education and policy) from the University of Southern California. Kimberly works full time in Administration at Cosumnes  College and will be the campus representative/liaison for the student AAUW member branch. She lives in Sacramento.

Bonnie March received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (accounting) from the University of Montana. She is a retired Certified Public Accountant. Bonnie lives in Sacramento and was referred by Karen O’Hara.

Elizabeth Rose received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Minnesota and a Master in Business Administration with a concentration in finance from California State University, Sacramento. She works part time as a senior legal analyst. Beth lives in Carmichael and was referred by Carol Hayes.

Jacqueline Rose received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Franklin A. Olin College of Engineering. She was a Research and Development Engineer. Jackie is currently a college student studying the environment.  She lives in Sacramento and was referred by Carol Hayes.

New AAUW Partner, Cosumnes River College, receives Campus Action Grant by Gloria Yost

Cosumnes River College has become the latest area institution of higher learning to join AAUW as a College/University Partner.  We welcome as a branch member, Kimberly McDaniel, who is the AAUW CU representative for CRC.  Kimberly is Vice President of Student Affairs.

The added exciting news is that CRC has received a Campus Action Grant from AAUW to support their continuing Women’s Seminars program, “Focus 4 Women”.   This program provides support and resources to help students through a series of workshops on topics such as:  balancing school, life and work; self-care; and leadership development.

Their most recent event featured keynote speaker Ruthie Bolton, a two-time gold medal winner and former WNBA player of the Sacramento Monarchs, who shared her stories of perseverance, domestic abuse, healing, self-love and self-empowerment.  An overnight retreat is planned in March for women who attended one or both of the first two conferences.

We welcome Cosumnes River College as a new AAUW College/University partner and look forward to working with them in the future.

AAUW 2 Minute Activist Reminder and Interest Calendars

In an earlier edition of Capital Ideas we told you about the Two Minute Activist program that AAUW National sponsors to make it easy for us to respond to issues we support and asked you to sign up for it. If you didn’t get around to it, here is the info again.  To register, Google AAUW Action Network, and the first listing will be for the Two Minute Activist.  Enter your info and they will start sending you the emails.

Now it is even more important for us to express our opinions about the issues we care about! The AAUW Public Policy Committee has set a goal of recruiting at least half of our members to participate in this program.  If you are already a Two Minute Activist or if you signed up because of this message or the earlier article, please contact Cherril Peabody at capeabody@comcast.net and let her know. Thanks!

Hardcopy Printable Articles, Interest Group Calendar and Birthdays

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  • Click here for the interest group calendar
  • Click here for this month’s birthdays


Holiday Party 2016 Recap by Donna Holmes

holiday-party-2016-nancyIn absence of a Program Director this year Marty and I agreed to do the Holiday Party, which is also one of our 4 official branch meetings.  We had several goals; social time where members truly mixed, recognizing our Named Branch Gift Honorees and talking about Funds, inclusion, philanthropy, entertainment and the meeting.  We could not have done it without our committee of Danielle Metzinger, Kathy Papst and Gloria Yost as well as reservations by Dawn Arnone Boyd, Angela Scarlett, Sharon Norris, Deborah Dunn and e-blasts by Shari Beck.  We thoroughly enjoyed our working meetings and getting to know more of you.

To facilitate our members “mixing it up” holiday-party-2016-anna-storey-and-kathleen-asayat the Holiday Party, an AAUW game was introduced.  We discovered our members are really competitive as 25 members were able to obtain signatures from 20 others who met one of the criteria.  We learned who has lived out of the country for more than a year (Sue Bordner, Kathy Papst, Marilyn Orrick, Hedda Smithson, Jane Cooley, and Anne Rhodes), who speaks another language (Donna Holmes, Vivian Counts, and Hedda Smithson), who owns a copy of Vanishing Victorians (Sandi Schoenman, Ruth Ann Hines, Linda Sparks, and Kathy Asay), and much more.   Carol Hayes, the first to finish, was the main prize winner.  Everyone had a good time, 12 ladies took home prizes and hopefully many talked to new people in the process.

Fortunately all four of our honorees were able to attend!  Kathleen Asay, Marilyn Orrick, Hedda Smithson and Gloria Yost combined have more than 150 years of active membership.  Hearing about and listening to the ladies informs us why they are true role models.

We werholiday-party-2016-sac-statee truly delighted that our CSUS branch leaders were able to attend as well as the new group from Consumnes River College. Entertainment was by American River College music major students led by Professor Susan Hamre.

We partnered with one of our scholarship winners, Christina Ibarra, to collect books for Love-Talk-Read.  We collected 504 books and they are going to 2 great organizations.  The first group is CCHAT, The Children’s Choice for Hearing and Talking.  They provide a unique auditory/oral program whose mission is to teach children who are deaf and hard of hearing to listen and develop spoken language.  The second group is La Familia Counseling Center, Inc.  Serving Sacramento County for more than 40 years their mission is to improve the quality of life for at-risk youth and families of diverse backgrounds by offering multicultural counseling, support and outreach services and programs to help families to overcome adversity, to become empowered and succeed in their lives.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful and successful meeting and event!

Travel Interest Group Takes Flight by Pat Winkle

travel-groupIn September, four members of our travel group, Linda Cook, Sandi Schoenman, Shirley Wheeler and Pat Winkle, flew to Seattle for a five day visit. We started our tour with a harbor cruise in the afternoon, followed by sunset and dinner at the top of the Space Needle in the Seattle Center.  Mastering the Monorail system, we returned several times to the Center where we enjoyed the beauty of the Chihuly Glass Museum and Gardens, lunch at the museum’s eclectic restaurant and an interesting visit to the Museum of POP Culture, formerly the EMP. That museum, a Frank Gehry architectural design, is committed to ideas that fuel contemporary popular culture, including exhibits of Star Trek, Nirvana, WOW (The World of Wearable Art) and much more!

Over the next several days we took a trolley tour of the city, visited the Olympic Sculpture Park, Aquarium, Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum and the Central Public Library, which has received architectural awards for its design. We were very impressed with its design, unique mechanized book return system and, of course, its resources.

We were even adventurous, riding the Great Wheel and the Wings over Washington (like Disney’s Soaring over California). We finished our tour with a visit to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Exhibit, learning about the many projects they fund to improve education, reduce hunger and poverty, fight disease, empower women and “inspire people to take action to change the world.”

Annual Holiday Luncheon is on Saturday, December 10. Reservations Due December 3! by Donna Holmes

Happy Holidays ProPlease join us as we honor our 2016 Named Gift Honorees, learn about this year’s charity, Love-Talk-Read, a children’s book drive and literacy program (ages 1-13) and socialize with our branch members.

Click here to pay online via Eventbrite

Or, click here if you want to download and print the hardcopy form to pay by check. Make checks made out to AAUW Sacramento and send them to Dawn Boyd. Please contact her at darnone1@att.net for the address.

  • Music provided by the American River College Brass Quintet.
  • Please bring new or gently used children’s books for Love-Talk-Read.
  • REGISTRATION DUE December 3.
  • Menu Choice: Lasagna or Butternut squash ravioli (Vegetarian).
  • Lunch includes salad, bread, butter or garlic bread, coffee , tea, Iced tea and mini-desserts.
  • Vegan meal by request.
  • Parking is free.
  • No host full bar.