A Follow-up on Last Month’s Branch Program “Are you Good to Go?” By Gloria Yost and Linda Whitney

An interested crowd of nearly 60 people had many questions to ask as AAUW Sacramento Branch member Karen O’Hara, who facilitated an interactive session that addressed what could happen if one should become ill and unable to make medical and financial decisions for oneself.

As attendees shared stories of difficulties dealing with a deceased parent’s estate when papers weren’t in order or family members who didn’t know and couldn’t agree about how to proceed, Karen guided the group to compile a list of more than 50 documents and wishes that should be organized and placed where they can be easily found by those who need to know. She posed “survivor” questions such as:

  • Would you know the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the next-of-kin?
  • Do you know where to find the names and numbers of service providers of the deceased?
  • Would you know the location of credit cards and the card ID numbers?

Karen also shared information about IRS requirements and instances where death certificates are required.

People came away from this workshop happy that they had a much greater awareness of how important it is to organize things ahead of time, informed that they know how to do the organizing, and determined to get things in order for peace of mind.