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Potential Interest Groups and Our Showcase by Cherril Peabody

Hope to see you at our Showcase meeting on September 23rd, where you will have the opportunity to sign up for interest groups.

Folks have suggested several new groups that you may be interested in helping to form:

  • A political action group is one which would have group members express support for AAUW positions to their elected officials via letters, postcards or visits.
  • Another related idea is a book group that reads about political topics.
  • A third idea is a group whose members would attend chamber music concerts together.

Interested? Come to the Showcase and sign up. We need engaged and interested members.

All ideas are welcome for new interest groups, just let me know before the meeting, so that I can have a sign-up sheet ready. Contact me at or 916-973-0821. I hope to see you there!

Membership Matters by Linda Patterson and Sharon Norris, Membership Co-Directors

This is a great year to join AAUW particularly if you are interested in advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research. If you bring a prospective member to the Branch Showcase who later joins this year, we will buy you a cup of tea or coffee and award you with a small token of appreciation from AAUW.

In acknowledgement of member responses to our recent Member Survey, the Membership Committee will be organizing member get-togethers by zip code. We are looking for individuals interested in helping to organize an event in their area.  If you can help, please email us at  This will be a great opportunity to get to know your AAUW neighbors.

In other news, the Sacramento Branch received two free National memberships through the Shape the Future campaign.  This campaign is a National effort to increase membership at program events.  The Branch awards these free memberships to members who have made significant contributions to the Branch in the recent past.  This year the memberships were awarded to Inger Lindholm, for her work on public policy issues and me, Linda Patterson, for my work with Tech Trek and programs.

Finally, we want to emphasize the importance of registering for and then signing in at all Branch meetings you attend.  The Membership Committee keeps detailed records of attendance to monitor member interest in our programs and member activity in our Branch.  This helps the Board of Directors and program chairs plan events and activities that meet the interests and needs of our membership.  Thanks for your help.

2017-2018 Budget Needs Branch Approval by May Ruth Lynch and Other Documents and Calendars for your Convenience

The Board of Directors has approved the budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 here. We request that all branch members review the proposed budget, as we will vote on it at the September Showcase.

Please direct any questions or suggestions to May Ruth Lynch at 382-4412 or

In addition to the budget, please click below to get hard copies of our interest group calendar, book group calendar and printable articles:

  • Click here for the interest group calendar
  • Click here for the book group calendar
  • Click here for printable articles

11th Annual Speech Contest Plans Begin by Liz Jordan

Would you like to join the fun?  This is chance to give a kid the opportunity to build a life-skill.

AAUW Sacramento has been very successful over the last 10 contests.  Our winners have gone on to the AAUW CA Speech Trek Semi-Finals and Finals, to win all five possible places, from 1st Place ($1500) to 5th Place ($150).  Planning for another successful competition year has just begun.

Our Sacramento contest will be held on the Cosumnes River College Campus February 17, 2018 in Winn Room 150.  We are very excited to be working with the administration at CRC to bring our contest to their campus.

The topic for the coming contest is: How can we stand up to sexism? What can I do as an individual, what can organizations like AAUW do to break down stereotypes and biases in school, in the military, at work, and in our communities?

 By presenting an Informational Workshop on each of the 9 high school campuses of the Elk Grove Unified School District, we recruit high school girls and boys to compete.   The workshop, conducted by a Speech Trek committee member, includes contest information and speech preparation materials for interested students.  Committee members coach students who commit to the competition from the workshop to contest day.

If you are interested in joining our committee, we are looking for enthusiastic new members.   We offer you the chance to shadow an experienced committee member in arranging and presenting the workshops.  We need help with all the preparations for contest day.

For more information, contact:

Funds Update by Funds Director Kathleen L. Asay

I first became acquainted with AAUW fellowships and grants over forty ago when I was in my twenties, newly married and working in the graduate division fellowship office at UCLA. Above my desk hung a poster for post-doctoral fellowships being given by the American Association of University Women. I was impressed that there was a program just for women but even more impressed by the women who were applying for it.

We’re still giving those awards, but now AAUW offers support for women in all levels of education, in research, career development and study for select professions such as STEM or business. AAUW funds provide community action grants to individuals, branches and non-profits. Did you know that nearly $4 million is awarded every year? Since 1888, AAUW has awarded more than $100 million.

This year, Sacramento branch is proclaiming loudly that AAUW Speaks Out for Women. One way we speak is through our financial support of women who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Be watching for ways you can help

AAUW National Convention by Nancy McCabe

Dr. Tererai Trent

Shirley Wheeler, Gloria Yost, Linda Whitney and Nancy McCabe attended the national AAUW convention in Washington DC this past June. The new Chief Executive Officer, Kimberly Churches was introduced.

The convention dedicated a substantial chunk of time on information we would need to lobby our senators and representatives. The first dinner speaker was Judy Woodruff, current co-anchor and managing editor for the PBS News Hour and previously a newscaster for both CNN and NBC. She has received numerous awards for her work in journalism and has authored several books. Judy noted that she has never seen anything like the current level of discourse in Washington during her over three decades of broadcasting.

The second day we dispersed to visit our senators and members of Congress. As the Senate was voting, we met with our senators’ aides to lobby for AAUW’s goals. Afterwards, we visited our Congressional House members’ offices for the same purpose. Gloria saw Ami Bera while Linda, Archana Maniar and I first met with MOC Matsui’s aide. She ushered us into her office where she was glad to see us and was very warm. She loves AAUW!

Justice Sonia Sotomayor

In between the main speakers, we had workshops and dialogs to give us ideas for our branches. The speakers for the Friday dinner were Dr. Tererai Trent, Oprah’s favorite guest. She has been married off at a young age in Tanzania but managed to get to the US for school with her children and became an AAUW International Fellow. The award came when she needed it most, and she is very grateful as it enabled her to pursue her dream of building schools in Africa. Dr. Trent was followed by Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor who walked among the crowd answering questions from Ms. Churches. She had quotes too numerous to remember, but said that education wasn’t a way to success, it was the only way.

We also heard from two female political pollsters who recommended that we work at the state and local level. Be a problem solver- not a complainer. It was a busy four days!

Note from our editor/publisher by Angela Scarlett

Dear AAUW Sacramento Members,

I apologize for the lateness of this month’s newsletter.  While our copy editor Kim Rutledge finished editing in a timely manner, my once reliable computer decided to start giving me trouble.  I am typing this note from an alternate computer

I’d like to draw your attention to both May Branch Program and Installation (I have a link to a photo album on Facebook) and our Interest Group Coordinator Cherril Peabody’s recap of the 2016-17 year.  She’s looking to help folks establish new groups or help struggling groups.  Our Walk-to-Lunch group is folding in July due to lack of participation.  If you have wondered about an interest group, I encourage you to reach out via email to the group coordinator.

Down below are links to our interest groups, book groups, membership birthdays and a printable version of the main articles in our electronic newsletter.  AAUW Sacramento’s board is always looking for bright and enthusiastic members to get more involved with the branch.

With Regard,
Angela Scarlett
AAUW Sacramento Communications Director

  • Click here for the Interest Group Calendar
  • Click here for the Book Group Calendar
  • Click here for member birthdays
  • Click here for printable newsletter articles


Walk-to-Lunch Interest Group Coming to An End by Cherril Peabody

Our 2016-17 AAUW year is winding down, and I want to give a status report and start getting ideas for the next program year, which begins in July. I just learned that one of our popular interest groups is coming to an end: Walk to Lunch. They started off the year with 23 members and ended the last three months with two walkers. That’s a shame, but it is evident that group members’ interests and priorities have changed, and there is no sense continuing with so little participation. A big thank you is due to Susan Potter for her seven years of leading this group! Are there other groups that are having a hard time and may be feeling their time is up?

 What about next year? I’d like to start planning now for some new groups. What about a political action group that meets to discuss current issues and to compose and send letters and postcards to political leaders advocating for issues of concern to women? Also, there were a couple other good ideas last year that maybe didn’t receive enough publicity. One idea was for a group that would attend film screenings of the Metropolitan Opera together. Another was for a group that would play chamber music together. I know we have musicians and opera buffs among our members. Maybe you can think of a specific mission-based project that you think we could manage as an interest group. Please let me know ( if you are interested in any of these ideas or if you have another one you think might be popular.



Funds Update: Here are Our Named Branch Honorees by Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew

On Saturday, May 13, we had the opportunity to publicly recognize our Named Branch Gift Honorees. Three of these wonderful ladies have done and do so much for the branch but their names and accomplishments are not well known. The fourth honoree is known and vocal but no less deserving. Only two could make the meeting, but all were enthusiastically received. Thank you to our committee and members who submitted the following honorees:

Sharon Anderson – Membership Treasurer Extraordinaire

Since the 2009-2010 branch year Sharon has processed our dues payments, sorted and notified all the other directors and chairs of monies donated in their areas, and published and maintained the membership directory. As Funds Directors we have witnessed first-hand her excellent work. After she sends us a spreadsheet she upon request will also supply mailing and return address labels for our thank you letters. A branch member submitted Sharon’s nomination, and we were stunned to note she had not been previously recognized. Please keep reminding your Funds Directors of members who have gone the extra mile.

Jean Bonar – Past President and continuous branch supporter

Jean supplied us with a perfect paragraph that we read at the meeting and is repeated here: “When I joined AAUW in 1973, I found it to be a place where I could learn, grow, and contribute to important issues, and it has been a strong presence in my life ever since that time. Even before I became involved, my mother was an active AAUW member. I can remember her enthusiasm about AAUW activities and her dedication to the various offices she held throughout the years, including the presidency of the Marin branch. Now, the establishment of a Research and Projects grant in the name of our branch is an exciting possibility, and I was energized when Nancy Lawrence and Ruth Burgess challenged us with this project at a Past President’s meeting. I am happy that I was able to contribute to the fund and help make this grant a reality.”

Nancy McCabe – President 2015 – 2017

Nancy was possibly the least senior member to step up to leading our branch and do such a fine job. Nancy was asked to be President-Elect during Cherril Peabody’s presidency and then continued as president for two years, a three-year commitment! During a time when it has been so hard to find members willing to join the board at all, this was truly wonderful. Additionally, Nancy leapt in to take a very active role in moving our branch to collaborate with others and introduce Sacramento, once again, to our presence and mission. One example is our participation in Take Back the Night, with Nancy downtown heading our table and marching. Another is revising our Mission Statement to more clearly and concisely reflect the branch. Thank you, Nancy; you are a hard act to follow!

Angela Scarlett – Communications Director, Happy Hour Coordinator, Newsletter Team, Webmaster, Facebook, Twitter and Eventbrite, plus she works full-time!

Angela is amazing! Another member put her name forward and, once again, Marty and I smacked our heads! Besides all she does, like Sharon, she is often invisible to our members except for the results. She has taught and tutored many of us on computers. For example, thanks to Angela I know how to update our website — no simple task. Angela was instrumental in working with the AAUW National web team in our current website’s development, and her work has saved the branch considerable amounts of money. She willingly finds time to work with others to improve branch communication, including standardizing e-blasts, use of Survey Monkey, and simplifying production of the newsletter. An example on the newsletter is that all information had to be into our previous newsletter editor by the 8th of the month. Now our deadline is the 15th with the ability to make changes until the 22nd.This allows the newsletter to have far more timely content. We cannot thank Angela enough!

Recapping Our 2016-17 Year and May’s Branch Meeting by Donna Holmes

WOW, what a great branch year, and our May meeting provided a great recap!

Nancy McCabe announced that for the second year in a row our branch won state recognition for programs. The winning program was To Engineer is Human, put on by Linda Patterson and the Tech Trek committee and featuring our very own water engineer Anne Lynch.

Next, Nancy introduced Morgan Glover, incoming Tech Trek co-chair and currently with the California State University, Sacramento, Branch, to share with us an award from CSUS for the Start Smart program held on campus in April. Our branch supported this financially and with member participation. The award is Outstanding Civic Engagement Program/Event, and only one is given per school year.

Kathy Le, our Speech Trek Winner, presented “Is it time to pass the ERA.” This is the second year she has competed, and this year she won for our branch and came in 5th place statewide!

 Following up on the ERA, Liz Jordan gave us a wonderful and educational history and current status of the Equal Rights Amendment.

 Then Pat Winkle and Shirley Wheeler, Membership Co-Directors, recognized Sandi Schoenman on achieving 50 years of membership. When Sandi joined she was part of the recent grads group, and the branch had 1,200 members! She has been in the same book group for 45 years, served as Program Director and works with Bite of Reality, just to name some of her activities.

 Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew, Funds Co-Directors, introduced the 2016 Named Branch Gift Honorees. The honorees are Sharon Anderson, Jean Bonar, Nancy McCabe and Angela Scarlett. Their stories are featured in the Funds article.

Finally, Alicia Hetman, Past President of California AAUW, installed the officers for the 2017-2018 branch year.

Presidents – Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew, Program Directors – Nancy McCabe and Deborah Dunn, Membership Directors – Linda Patterson and Sharon Norris, 
AAUW Fund Directors – Bonnie Penix and Kathy Asay, Finance Director – May Ruth Lynch, Secretary – Tiffany Ardisana

and Nominating Committee: Shari Beck, 
Barbara Smith and Ruth Werner

Thank you to Nancy McCabe, Pat Winkle, Inger Lindstrom, Liz Jordan, Ruth Ann Hines, Molly Dugan and everyone who put this meeting together!

Please click here to see a photo album of the event on our Facebook page.