Donna crop 1857  2009

Marty McKnew, Funds Co-Director

In 2009, the various funds we  support in AAUW    were    organized into a structure called AAUW Funds. Click HERE to display a diagram of all the AAUW Funds.  This diagram is a good tool to use when explaining the organization of some of the programs under the AAUW Funds.  In the fall of 2014, the name was changed to the AAUW Fund.  The programs under the Fund are the same; however AAUW encourages members to make their donations to complete unfinished endowments (like our Sacramento Branch 100th Anniversary Fund) or unrestricted so the money can be used where most needed.

Contact co-Director, Donna Holmes (left): wyndelndonna@sbcglobal.net or co-Director, Marty McKnew (right): martymcknew@comcast.net for more information.

#4372 – Sacramento Branch 100th Anniversary Fund
#9110 – AAUW Fund
#4336 – Educational Opportunities Fund (EOF)
#9170 – Eleanor Roosevelt Fund
#3999 – Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF)
#4339 – Leadership Programs Fund
#4337 – Public Policy Fund
Fellowships and Grants