Speech Trek 2016 Wrap Up by Elizabeth Jordan

Speech Trek

Speech Trek

Eleven talented Elk Grove Unified School District students competed in our ninth annual Speech Trek Competition on Feb. 20 at the Valley Hi-North Laguna Library. The topic for 2016 was What is gender bias and inequality? What is its impact on people? Why should organizations such as AAUW continue to work to change its practice?

Kathy Le, a freshman at Pleasant Grove High School, won the Sacramento Branch competition.  The video of her performance was then screened along with all other California Branch winners.  Unfortunately, this is where Kathy’s journey ended. California’s top three orators are Caitlyn Jordan from Roseville-South Placer Branch, Claire Gorham from Mariposa and Sharon Lu from Alhambra-San Gabriel Branch. Sam Reynolds of the Half Moon Bay Branch and Sabrina Fleming of the California Online Branch rounded out the top five.

If you missed Kathy’s inspirational speech, you can hear her April 30 at our Author’s Luncheon.

A giant thank you goes out to all of our generous donors who made this another successful year:  Ann Arneill-Py, Alice G. Bauer, Shari Beck, Jean Bonar, Jane Cooley, Vivian Counts, Cheryl Fuller, Joan Hammond, Elizabeth Jordan, Catherine Locke, Charlotte Luallin, Susana Mullen, Vicki L. Nicholson, Cherril Peabody, Bonnie Penix, Anne Rhodes, Hedda Smithson, Pamella Vaughn, Shirley Wheeler, Linda Whitney, Patricia Winkle, Sandra Winter, Sanaye Yokota, and Gloria Yost.