Congratulations to our 2015 Branch Named Gift Honorees! by Marty McKnew & Donna Holmes

For all that you do for our branch

For all that you do for our branch

In December 2012, we established the Sacramento Branch 100th Anniversary Research & Project Grant. Since then, six members have supported the grant each year, helping us reach over 50 percent of our goal by December 2015. Marty and I are two of the six. The other four, with board approval, are being honored for their consistent support. Rather than tell you about these wonderful ladies, we choose to interview them about the grant.

Our winners are Kathleen Asay, Marilyn Orrick, Hedda Smithson and Gloria Yost.

This year you are being honored as a named gift recipient because of your annual support of the Sacramento Branch 100th Anniversary R & P Grant since its inception. Will you tell us why you made this a part of your charitable giving each year?

Kathy: “I have always supported AAUW Funds since I became a member and particularly appreciate the opportunity to support a fund that honors the branch and people I know. I was Funds Director in Fullerton and started a Research & Project grant for Fullerton’s 50 year anniversary, completed long ago.”

Marilyn: “I think it is important to the aims and goals of this organization.”

Hedda: “Because I can and because AAUW changed my life. One example is my book group. We read and discuss the coolest books that I would not have read otherwise.”

Gloria: “Because I believe in the AAUW mission of helping women and girls.”

How important is this anniversary to our Branch and to you?

Kathy: “Very significant to me in that it says AAUW has been here, not just on the East Coast, serving members and the community for a long time.”

Marilyn: “The 100th anniversary is a very significant number. It signifies that this branch is a sustainable and vital contributing part of our community.”

Hedda: “Having been involved with presentations about history, I feel we need to celebrate. I remember hearing about and seeing in the history center old directories where the members were listed by their husband’s names, e.g., Mrs. Thomas Smithson – the woman’s name was not mentioned!”

Gloria: “Our branch’s 100th anniversary is a milestone we should be proud of and celebrate.”

What do you feel has been your most important contribution to the branch during your time as a member?

Kathy: “Starting the couples dining out group, now in its ninth year. I chaired the first six years. It’s been great for getting to know other members and their husbands. I also believe in going to branch meetings.”

Marilyn: “I used to be on the leadership training team for the State (2 or 3 to a team). We traveled to branches and provided leadership training specifically tailored to the branch needs. Self discovery was a big part of it.”

Hedda: “Being president more than once, helping and advising as needed. I am a support person for whatever is happening now.”

Gloria: “My willingness to take a leadership role.” (Editorial comment: This is so true!)