10th Annual Speech Trek Contest and February Branch Meeting Saturday, Feb. 18 by Liz Jordan

Southgate Library Community Room
6132 66th Avenue
9 a.m. to Noon

  • February Branch Meeting is open to the public
  • Members and public, please register here for free on Eventbrite

Please join the Speech Trek Committee of AAUW Sacramento in welcoming approximately 10 students from the Elk Grove Unified School District to compete at the annual Speech Trek Contest developed by AAUW California in 2006.

The Committee has given nine informational workshops in district high schools and is now receiving applications and rough drafts from aspiring contestants from all nine schools. We look forward to hearing what these young people think about the issues surrounding the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, which dates back to 1923 and was most recently part of the political life of the United States during late from 1978 to 1982. It has been proposed in each new Congress since it missed passage by three states in 1982. This year, however, there is renewed energy for its passage, and these young students have been researching and writing about the possibilities of its passage.

  • First Place $500; Second Place $250; Third Place $100; 4th Place $50
  • All students are video-recorded
  • Our winning speech is submitted to AAUW CA Speech Trek for the Semi-finals, which is judged by a diverse panel that views the speeches on YouTube.
  • AAUW CA invites the top three speakers to deliver their speeches at the Annual meeting where 1st Place wins $1,500, 2nd Place wins $1,000, and 3rd Place takes home $500.

Speech Trek is a mission-based program that is part of our educational outreach efforts. For more information, please contact