Membership Matters by Linda Patterson and Sharon Norris, Membership Co-Directors

This is a great year to join AAUW particularly if you are interested in advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research. If you bring a prospective member to the Branch Showcase who later joins this year, we will buy you a cup of tea or coffee and award you with a small token of appreciation from AAUW.

In acknowledgement of member responses to our recent Member Survey, the Membership Committee will be organizing member get-togethers by zip code. We are looking for individuals interested in helping to organize an event in their area.  If you can help, please email us at  This will be a great opportunity to get to know your AAUW neighbors.

In other news, the Sacramento Branch received two free National memberships through the Shape the Future campaign.  This campaign is a National effort to increase membership at program events.  The Branch awards these free memberships to members who have made significant contributions to the Branch in the recent past.  This year the memberships were awarded to Inger Lindholm, for her work on public policy issues and me, Linda Patterson, for my work with Tech Trek and programs.

Finally, we want to emphasize the importance of registering for and then signing in at all Branch meetings you attend.  The Membership Committee keeps detailed records of attendance to monitor member interest in our programs and member activity in our Branch.  This helps the Board of Directors and program chairs plan events and activities that meet the interests and needs of our membership.  Thanks for your help.