Funds Update by Funds Director Kathleen L. Asay

When we talk about AAUW Funds, we have much to celebrate. Since 1888, AAUW has provided support to 12,000 women and research and community projects, representing all 50 states and 140 countries. Many of those women and projects are here in California. This month, California AAUW will celebrate with three luncheons across the state where members can meet the women and discover the exciting work being done here with our support. Six to eight of our outstanding recent recipients will attend each luncheon, present an overview of their work, and give a personal account of what AAUW’s support has meant to them.


Two luncheons will be held in Northern California:

  • Oct. 28 in South San Francisco
  • Oct. 29 in Danville.

The cost is $45. To attend in South San Francisco, go to For the Danville luncheon, see The deadline for reservations is Oct. 16. If you decide to go, please email me at so I can arrange carpools. You may also want to take notes so you can report back what you learned!