Exploring Our Interest Groups by Cherril Peabody

Cherril Peabody, Interest Group Coordinator

It’s the end of our program year, but I am already thinking ahead to next fall. As I mentioned last month, I am looking for input regarding our interest groups, but I received very little in response to that article. I also wrote about a potential new group, Current Events, that we might or might not do as a joint group with CHAR (Citrus Heights-American River Branch). Again, no response! HELLO! Is anybody there?

Since then another new group has been proposed: Genealogy. The idea is to bring in guest speakers who how to do research on your ancestry and to share resources among the members. Apparently, several branch members are interested in joining, but the group needs a leader. Is anyone interested enough to be willing to lead the group? Nancy McCabe is willing to help get it started.

Another issue: The evening Great Decisions groups are at full capacity and have had to turn down potential members because of space considerations. I tried to start a new evening group last year, but only three people signed up, and I was able to squeeze them into the existing two groups. This year that won’t be an option. We need a new evening Great Decisions group! I really do want to know who would like to join a new evening Great Decisions group and who might be willing to lead it. Maybe there is an existing member of one of the other groups who would be willing to chair the new group. Or if you would be brand new to Great Decisions, I’m sure the chairs of the existing three groups would be willing to tell you what they do and help you get started.

I really can’t do this by myself, ladies! I WILL APPRECIATE YOUR HELP. Please email me at capeabody@comcast.net. Thanks!