Presidents’ Message by Liz Jordan and Donna Holmes

Liz Jordan

This year is off to a fast start, and lots of great meetings are planned. Special thanks to our program directors Deborah Dunn and Cathy Locke and their committee, there are planned events every month except March, and this will change soon. At the summer board retreat on Aug. 4, we established a theme and goals to achieve the theme.



2018– 2019 Theme  Working for Equity

Here is our plan to get there:

  1. Sacramento County Commission for Women
    1. Short term: Get more members to participate in this commission, measured by attendance at its planning meeting in September and reporting back to board. To attend, please contact Marty McKnew & Charmen Goehring for meeting time and location.
    2. Long Term: Getting AAUW representation on the board if the commission is formed.
  1. Salary Negotiation – Work Smart program (Start Smart already running at CSUS, and it should continue.)
    1. Short term: 5 to 10 members complete online training by Dec. 31.
    2. Mid Term: Coordinating via outreach Work Smart sessions.
    3. Long Term: Institutionalize into AAUW Sacramento branch programming.
  1. Start a one-day STEM camp for girls we cannot send to Tech Trek. More details on this will be forthcoming.

Donna Holmes

We hope to see you at the IBC training on Oct. 6 or our joint meeting with CHAR on Oct 13. Also on Oct. 13, our branch marks our fourth anniversary of participating in Take Back the Night, at 7 p.m. in downtown Sacramento. Many thanks to Nancy McCabe for taking the lead on this important event.



From Liz’s Laundry List, here are few more items for members to know:

  • This year’s branch budget was passed by membership in attendance at the Showcase event on Saturday, Sept. 15.
  • Additionally, we heard wonderful, well-prepared reports from all six Teck Trek participants. They were thankful, inspiring and enthusiastic about all that they experienced.
  • Several Cosumnes River College women who are participating in the AAUW grant-funded program Focus4Women spoke powerfully about the impact of that program on their confidence, their friendships, and aspirations.
  • Four scholarship winners for this year’s financial awards also brought the attendees to tears with their life stories and their appreciation of our assistance.
  • Members and potential members gave positive feedback about the Showcase, saying it was an inspiring meeting. The attendees also seemed to like our 12:30 p.m. start time.
  • I also announced at Showcase that one of our goals to meet our theme (as stated above) is to institutionalize our salary negotiation program, which will be aided by Work Smart Online, a virtual salary negotiation workshop being launched this month by AAUW national. Stay tuned for a video about this program coming to our branch soon.
  • You can also read about this program in an article entitled How to Be an Ace Salary Negotiator (Even if You Hate Conflict)which was published in the New York Times on Aug. 10. AAUW’s Chief Executive Officer, Kim Churches, was quoted.
  • 6 training for Non-Profit Leadership, $20 fee, available to all AAUW members. You should have already received an email from Davis East Consulting about signing up for the four-hour training on Eventbrite. This training would be a great addition to your resume. For questions, please call Liz or Donna.
  • Did you know you can take classes online at com for FREE if you have a Sacramento Library Card? Eight classes “to boost your creative know-how” from photography to video game development are available. I’m signing up for one on how to use WordPress to learn how to update our website.


Happy Halloween!