Presidents’ Message by Donna Holmes and Liz Jordan

Donna Holmes

Our branch outdid itself in October by hosting or co-hosting three programs! The first was Oct. 6, our IBC leadership training, and Liz has written an article on that.

Then we did back-to-back programs on Saturday, Oct. 13. First was the propositions meeting with CHAR. Professor Mary-Beth Moylan and her students from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law presented all 11 propositions to over 100 attendees. They made a booklet with a summary of each, plus summaries of the pro and con positions. This is one of the best programs I have ever attended. The propositions were grouped into three categories. A category was presented, and then all the presenters came up and questions were taken. This kept the meeting flowing well, and we did not forget our questions from Proposition 1 when we got to Proposition 10. Everyone left feeling like an informed voter, and we will be doing this in future elections.

As you may know, Sacramento is part of the trial for a new voting system in California. Want to know how it is working? Sign up for our November branch meeting on Thursday, Nov. 15.

On the evening of Oct. 13, for the fourth year in a row, we tabled and co-sponsored Take Back the Night. Nancy McCabe coordinated and set up the evening with our CSUS Branch. Some of the comments on our #StandUptoSexism board included: “If I don’t, then who will?”, “Everyone should be heard”, “cuz it makes me feel icky and I don’t like it”, “to be an example for those who follow” and many more.

As to this year’s theme, I have started the process to become a Start Smart Ambassador and Facilitator. After going to and watching a 15-minute video, I was able to register for the training webinar. Mine is Nov. 7. Let’s meet our goal of 12 trained members by 12/31/18. The training is free.

Message from Liz on IBC Leadership Training

Liz Jordan

On Saturday, Oct. 8, Angela Scarlett and I attended the Nonprofit Board Certificate workshop presented by Ann Davis East. The workshop was a result of Ann’s membership on this year’s Inter-Branch Council board and in lieu of the standard IBC leadership training. We took away the following from this very informative meeting:

  • We learned about State and Federal laws pertaining to nonprofits and the responsibilities of their board members.
  • Our entire branch was invited because we wanted to offer a very low cost ($20 per person) educational program to our membership. Members from other branches in the region were also in attendance.
  • This topic is the subject of AAUW’s new annual national study, “Broken Ladders: Barriers to Women’s Representation in Nonprofit Leadership” (2018).
  • In addition to laws, we fully discussed the best board characteristics of accountability, transparency, responsiveness, inclusiveness, and efficiency. Some of what we learned will be suggested to the committee to review and revise our Policies & Procedures.
  • The workshop concluded with a discussion about branch member participation and how to increase our members interest in the activities and goals of AAUW.
  • One aspect of participation we discussed was the need to account for volunteer hours and member dollar donations because big donors and corporations that offer grants often ask for a picture of a non-profit’s rate of member participation.