Public Policy Updates by Ashley Anglesey

Public Policy Director Ashley Anglesey

2019 is now in full swing with Governor Newsom and the new administration! The recent release of the 2019-20 Governor’s Budget gives a clear idea of this administration’s policy priorities. Of the areas receiving large budgets, several are of note for AAUW priorities. “Improving access and quality of subsidized childcare in California” proposes a $500 million one-time General Fund allocation to both expand subsidized childcare facilities in California and to make a significant investment in the training of the childcare workforce. Gov. Newsom also proposed increasing CalWORKS grants to 50 percent of the federal poverty level by October 1, 2019. Additional areas that will receive more funding and attention include Health and Human Services, Home Visiting and Black Infant Health Programs (receiving $78.9 million in a mix of federal and state funds), Cal Grant Access Awards for Student Parents, Longitudinal Education Data, Two Free Years of Community College ($40 million Proposition 98 General Funds), among others. You can find the Budget here for further review:

AAUW California has released the Public Policy Priorities for 2019-2021, so if you haven’t had a chance to review, please do. You can access it online here:

We are excited for Public Policy to pick back up! The end of an administration’s term can be slow, and the transition period for the new Governor can feel like we’re on the edge our seats, just waiting for everything to kick off again. I’m looking forward to things picking back up!