Exploring Our Interest Groups: Singles Dining Out and Healthy Hearts by Cherril Peabody

Okay, last month I talked about Jane not being a dull girl if she is partaking of one of our interest groups that play games together. Also, our Jane enjoys eating with friends, and we have a couple of interest groups that specialize in doing just that: Singles Dining Out and – for the more health-conscious members – Healthy Heart.

Singles Dining Out meets on the first Sunday evening of each month (including summer months) at different restaurants. Some of these are California cuisine specialists, but most are ethnic restaurants that help the group members learn more about other cultures, or at least their food! These get-togethers also provide members with the chance to get better acquainted and to have a lot of laughs. Nancy McCabe is the chair of this group. Recently she has had her work cut out for her with last-minute venue changes caused by unforeseen circumstances at the scheduled restaurants, but everything turned out just fine. If you’d like to check out this group, contact Nancy at maccaben@comcast.net. It’s not a group meeting that you are expected to attend every month, either, but you do have to be single.

Healthy Heart also involves food, but the members do the cooking themselves, and the goal is to prepare delicious food that also is healthy. They plan meals and meet in members’ homes. The hostess prepares the main dish, while the other members bring the remaining dishes. Because they meet in private homes, they limit themselves to eight members, and they don’t have any openings right now. However, they would be glad to help a second group get started. Jane Cooley is the chair of this group, and if you would be interested in starting another group, you can contact Jane at janecooley1@gmail.com.