Funds Updates: The Future Looks Different by Kathleen Asay and Danielle Metzinger

“The times, they are a-changing …” and AAUW has a new Strategic Plan designed to help it address challenges and opportunities as they arise for women and girls. To that end, you will see changes among your fund choices should you decide to donate when you renew your membership this spring.

First has been the designation of three prime areas of focus: Economic Security, Education, and Training and Leadership. The “green sheet” that comes with your renewal form lists new funds in these three areas. The names are similar to “old” funds, but the structure and content have been updated. In addition, Fund #9110, formerly called the AAUW Fund, is now the Greatest Needs Fund. It is designed to give AAUW the mobility to rapidly respond when needed, without the limitations written into the other more directed funds. Finally, you will see the Governance and Sustainability Fund, which is an operational fund aimed at ensuring AAUW’s strength, relevance and viability through modern technology, communication and diversity.

Three familiar funds are still open as well: #3999 – the Legal Advocacy Fund, #9170 – the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund, and #4337 – the Public Policy Fund. These funds will continue to operate as they have for many successful years. However, AAUW will have additional tools and flexibility to remain an outstanding voice and source of support for women and girls in a changing world.

More details will be contained in an eblast scheduled to arrive around the time of the renewal package. Watch for it. Call or email Kathleen if you have questions.

FYI – Sacramento Branch donated $8,792 in 2018. We completed our 100th Anniversary Research & Projects Grant Fund and helped complete the Alicia Hetman R&P Grant Fund. In all, California branches donated $471,581 to AAUW funds. We are a force for equity for women and girls.