Speech Trek Contest Celebrates Its Donors By Ann Arneill

The Speech Trek Contest season is drawing to a close.  We have one final event that we urge you all to attend. At the May 18 Branch Meeting, our First Prize winner, Esther Joy Turay, will deliver her speech on the topic: “How can we—students, parents, faculty, our communities, and organizations such as AAUW—eliminate violence aimed at our schools?  What actions can we take to prevent another tragedy from taking place?”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many Branch members who contribute to Speech Trek annually.  It is because of you that we can award $900 in cash prizes to our winners each year.  Donors include Kathleen Asay, Alice Bauer, Shari Beck, RosaLee Black, Jean Bonar, Ruth Burgess, Vivian Counts, Kathleen Deaver, Deborah Dunn, Judy Foote, Cheryl Fuller, Joan Hammond,  Jennifer Henderson, Marlys Fredrickson Huez, Elizabeth Jordan, Virginia Kidd, Catherine Locke, Danielle  Metzinger, Susana Mullen, Kathleen Papst, Bonnie Penix, Diane Petersen, Anne Rhodes, Elizabeth Rose, Karen Rystad, Mary Schneider, Sandi Schoenman, Ellynrose Sheehan, Hedda Smithson, Diana Squire, Shirley Wheeler, Linda Whitney, Patricia Winkle, Sandra Winter, and Gloria Yost.