AAUW Interest Groups by Kathy Papst

My name is Kathy Papst, and I am your new Interest Groups Director. I want to take this opportunity to thank former Director Cherril Peabody for her work and dedication, making all members feel welcome both in the branch and in joining Interest Groups. Cherril stressed the importance of members making friends outside of branch meetings and social events.

The Showcase on Sept. 21 was a great success as we were able to see our mission in action. Scholarship recipients were deserving, grateful, and hopeful of realizing their long-held goals. Many members and prospective members searched for an interest group to join; my job is to pass their interest and contact information along to the group leaders. Group leaders should contact those who signed up at Showcase.

Our branch also encourages members to suggest new interest groups. Some suggestions are wine enthusiasts, mahjongg, hiking, painting and calligraphy. If you wish to lead a new interest group, please contact me so I can help facilitate your group.

For more information, please call either myself or the leader of the group you wish to learn more about. My phone number is 916-862-2271, and my email address is bookwoman52@gmail.com.

Be sure to attend the Tech Trek Brunch on Oct. 19 at Rancho Cordova City Hall. I look forward to meeting everyone at upcoming events.