Our Proposed Branch Budget, Board Briefs, Named Gift Honorees, Book Group News, & September Birthdays

2020-21 Budget Needs Branch Approval by Liz Jordan
The Board of Directors is reviewing the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2020-21, shown here. Branch members are asked to review the proposed budget, which will be voted on at the September Showcase.  Many thanks to Donna Holmes for her past efforts as our Finance Director!

Board Briefs
AAUW Sacramento Board meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of the month with the exception of September, which is held the last Monday of August. Until further notice, all meetings are being conducted virtually using Zoom.

Here are the highlights from the AAUW Retreat held August 15, virtually using Zoom, by Della Knowles

Finance Director: Liz Jordan was appointed finance director.

Robert’s Rules:  Marty McKnew reviewed a very helpful update on Robert’s Rules of Order.  Of particular note is the process by which we make motions and vote.  A reminder that reports to the board do not need approval.

National 5 Star Program:  This is a slide show from the national office.  Items brought up were the feasibility of our chapter aligning with National, implementing an action network and increasing fellowship.  All ideas will be turned over to the Program Committee for discussion and implementation.

Mentor Program:  A new committee will be formed to develop and implement a mentor program.

Future Meetings:  Discussion regarding dedicating time at general meetings to see where our chapter is headed, sending information to National, implementing 5 Star program, encouraging more young women into membership (pertinent information on the National webinar).

Mission of Equity:  Charmen Goehring presented and discussed how we can attract diversity and become better in the process, each person’s implicit and unconscious bias. Charmen suggested using the RIR protocol in all branches. Charmen has all the appropriate resources for members.

The next board meeting is August 31 at 7p.m. 

10 Named Gift Honorees! (Announced in May) By Kathleen Asay and Merrie McLaughlin
This year we were truly honored to be able to select ten members as our Named Gift Honorees. We are entitled to one for every $750 we donated to AAUW Funds last year, and last year was a very special year as we raised money to complete our 100th Anniversary Research and Projects Grant. In all, we raised $7880. Our grant fund was complete. We are proud now to be able to introduce our ten honorees:

Liz Jordan – Liz has been a branch co-president for 2 years, 2018-2020. Prior to that, she was a co-director for Speech Trek 10 years, 2007-2018, and a finance director for CA AAUW Speech Trek. A former high school English teacher, she continues to learn more about AAUW so she can teach us and expand our understanding.

Tiffany Ardisana – Tiffany has served as branch secretary for 4 years, 2016-2020, attending all official meetings and taking terrific minutes. She is also an accomplished grant writer for the branch. She has degrees in Public Administration and is quite an athlete we understand.

Jo Reiken – Jo has been a Director for Tech Trek for 3 years, 2017-20. Jo is passionate about Tech Trek. She talks to schools, teachers, students, families, raises money, and prepares the students for the TT experience. She even goes along as a dorm mom and keeps in touch later. In October 2019 she and her girls put on a wonderful branch program about Tech Trek.

Donna Holmes – Donna has received two Named Gift Honors already, after being a Funds co-director for 3 years and a branch co-president for 2. When our previous financial director had to resign, Donna took over. She carefully guided the branch through the 100th Anniversary Grant fund-raising and our anniversary celebration and smoothed the way for the transition to the new MPP program for membership renewal and Funds donations.

Gloria Yost – Gloria has 4 previous honors and has held many of the elected positions of the branch in her years in Sacramento AAUW. With that experience, she has been the perfect University Liaison to expand our relationship with local colleges and with the students in our Affiliate Branch at Sacramento State. She was also the perfect person to serve as chair of our very special 100th Anniversary Celebration.

The following five honorees contributed their time and special talents to making our Anniversary Celebration the joy that it was:
Carole Cline – Carole volunteered from the beginning to serve on the steering committee for our celebration, then volunteered to write the skit. Being a newish member, she got branch history from Liz Jordan, but as Liz says, the creativity was Carole’s. She also prepared the props.

Cathy Locke – Cathy has been honored once before. She’s been co-program director 2018-2020 and Phone Tree director for 8 years. Cathy worked with Cherril Peabody and Anna Storey to design and edit the memory book and to place history articles in the branch newsletter. She also handled reservations and arranged the check-in process.

Vicki Nicholson – Vicki’s a long-time member and also a previous Named Gift Honoree. She volunteered to facilitate the music part of the program, chaired the sub-committee, and even re-wrote the words to “California Here I Come.”

Cherril Peabody – Cherril is a past Named Gift Honoree, past president 2014-2015, Interest Group Coordinator for 4 years, and Board Briefs reporter for the branch newsletter 2019-2020. Cherril researched and wrote articles for the memory book and organized the outreach posters on display at the luncheon.

Anna Storey – Anna is another past Named Gift Honoree as being a co-director for Scholarships 2015-2020. Anna chaired the sub-committee that created the memory book. She spent much time at the Sacramento History Center researching branch history, then wrote and edited articles for the book and arranged for the publisher. She also prepared the poster describing our Scholarship program.

Congratulations to all of you and Thank you!

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