AAUW Public Policy Position on CA Election Propositions

AAUW Public Policy Position on CA Election Propositions By Sue Miller

In November, voters will make decisions on 12 state ballot propositions.  These cover a variety of issues.  The Public Policy Committee reviewed the ballot measures to see which ones are relevant to our Public Policy Priorities and to our mission. There are 7 that AAUW will support based on this review.  We hope you will agree and vote to support these measures.

Several do not address issues relating to our Priorities and mission.  Those are listed as “No Position.”  As an individual, you will need to decide how you will vote on these issues without AAUW’s recommendation.

Propositions with SUPPORT positions have brief descriptions of what they do and who sponsored the measures, as well as key supporters (pro) and opponents (con).  AAUW policies that apply are listed in parentheses.

Prop 14    Stem Cell Research             SUPPORT (access to quality health care)
Initiative bond measure
Asks voters to approve a bond for $5.5 billion to support continued stem cell research, as past bond money is now used up.  Stem cell research is used in developing cures for and treating diabetes, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, stroke.

Sponsor:  Robert Klein a real estate investor and activist.

Pro:  American Assoc. for Cancer Research, American Diabetes Assoc./LA         

Con:  Center for Genetics & Society

Prop 15    Property Taxes/Split Roll     SUPPORT (funding for education)
Initiative Constitutional amendment
Changes the property tax structure to assess large commercial properties worth more than $3 million at current market value.  It exempts from changes in property taxes residential properties, agricultural land, and business with a value of $3 million or less. Money generated goes to public schools and services provided by local jurisdictions.

Sponsor:  Schools and Communities First Coalition


Con: Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Assoc., AMVETS

Prop 16    Affirmative Action             SUPPORT (educational opportunity)
Legislative statute
Reinstates race, ethnicity, and country of origin as considerations for school admittance and government employment.  A previous proposition was passed by the voters banning the use of these factors by schools and government agencies.  That ban would be negated by this measure.

Sponsor:   California State Legislature

Pro:  California State Student Assoc., CTA, CFT

Con:  American Freedom Alliance, American Civil Rights Institute

P17    Voting for Parolees                   SUPPORT (expansion of voting rights)
Legislative Constitutional amendment
Allows people on parole to vote once their prison sentence has been completed and they are re-entering the community under parole.  Currently, those on probation can vote.  Imprisoned felons cannot vote.

Sponsor:   California State Legislature

Pro:  ACLU, LWV California

Con:  Crime Victims United of Calif., Election Integrity Project

P18     Voting at 17                               SUPPORT (encouraging voting)
Legislative Constitutional amendment
Allows 17-year-olds to register and vote in a primary election and any ensuing special elections if they will be 18 by the general election, thereby experiencing a full election cycle.

Sponsor:   California State Legislature

Pro:    Alex Padilla (SOS), California Assoc. of Student Councils

Con:   Election Integrity Project of California, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assoc.

P21    Rent Control                              SUPPORT (affordable housing)
Initiative statute
Authorizes local governments to place rent control measures on housing that is more than 15 years old.  Single family homes are exempt if no more than 2 properties are owned.  Landlords are guaranteed fair financial returns.

Sponsor:  Aids Healthcare Foundation/Housing is a Human Right

Pro:  ACLU So Cal., Dolores Huerta Foundation

Con: Congress of Calif. Seniors, Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc.

P25    Cash Bail:  yes or no    SUPPORT (social and economic justice; equality/impact on minorities)
Initiative referendum
Voters decide to keep or reject SB 10 which ends the use of cash bail in determining whether a suspect is released or kept in jail while awaiting trial, and instead uses risk assessment as a way for judges to decide about releasing jailed suspects awaiting trial.

YES vote – Keep SB 10 and the new risk assessment for jail release
NO vote – Continue cash bail system

Sponsor:  American Bail Coalition

Pro:   Calif. Democratic Party, SEIU

Con:  Howard Jarvis Tax Assoc., Calif. State Conference of the NAACP

AAUW has taken NO POSITION on the following propositions:
P19    Property Taxes   Allows transfer of property tax amounts for older homeowners
P20    Criminal Justice  Restricts early parole for certain violent crimes
P22    Gig Workers   Makes rideshare and delivery drivers independent contractors
P23    Dialysis Clinics    Mandates new requirements for dialysis clinics
P24    Consumer Privacy   Expands consumer data privacy laws