AAUW Funds Update

AAUW Sacramento Funds Update December 2020 by Charmen Goehring

As we near the end of the AAUW fiscal year, I want to thank our branch members for their

Charmen Goehring

generosity in giving to AAUW Funds. As a branch, we have given over $8000 towards the mission of equity for women and girls. We all know we are in troubling times and our support is needed more urgently than ever. Please consider a gift to AAUW, especially the Greatest Needs Fund, as you plan your year end giving (see the accompanying article “Top 10 Ways to Give Smarter at the End of 2020”).  We also have seen a few new members to the Legacy Circle this year- welcome to Hedda Smithson and Shari Beck! The Legacy Circle is the ultimate commitment to AAUW and involves naming AAUW in your estate. There are many easy ways this can be done. Please contact me for more information!! My contact information can be found in the AAUW Sacramento Branch Membership Directory & Handbook.

Click here for “Top 10 ways to give smarter at the end of 2020″.

If You’ve Made a Donation… By Karen Burley

If you’ve made a donation to the AAUW Sacramento Branch this year, thank you! Instead of sending out multiple acknowledgments and thank you letters throughout the year, the Board has decided to send one acknowledgment letter from the branch for all donations this year. The Board plans to send the letters in January,  which can be used for tax records.

For year-end donations, it is appreciated if the donations can be sent early in December to allow for the branch processing time needed in creating our summary.