Sacramento AAUW Participates in AAUW California Virtual Lobby Day

Sacramento AAUW Participates in AAUW California Virtual Lobby Day By Arlene Cullum

AAUW California Lobby Day on March 24 was a resounding success!  It was the first time State AAUW legislative visits have been conducted virtually.  120 attendees divided into 38 teams, representing most branches in the State, lobbied legislative offices over the course of the day.  MVM Strategy Group, our State advocacy firm, and the two State Public Policy co-chairs did an outstanding job coordinating the March 22 “How To Talk To Your Legislator” webinar and the virtual visits the day of the event.  Each team was composed of three or four members; there were two teams from our Sacramento Branch.

Branch members lobbied Assembly and Senate offices, and described the mission and public policy priorities of AAUW, the key pieces of legislation and requested the member office’s support of each bill.  The following are lead bills which AAUW California has prioritized for 2021:

AB92 (Reyes): Child Care Family Fees

This bill would waive all family fees for low-income families, using federal funding, through Oct. 31, 2022.  After that, the bill will create an equitable sliding scale for family fees, relieving the burden on working families struggling to pay for daycare.  AAUW is a co-sponsor of this bill.

SB62 (Durazo): Garment Worker Protection Act

SB62 would expand and strengthen enforcement of wage theft liability in the garment manufacturing industry, ensuring that retailers cannot use layers of contracting to avoid responsibility under the law.  By eliminating the piece rate in the industry while still allowing for bonus and incentive payments, this bill would ensure that workers are paid for all the time spent working.

SB373 (Min): Consumer Debt: Economic Abuse

This bill would prohibit debt collectors and creditors from being able to collect from an individual when that individual can demonstrate that the debt was incurred through economic abuse. It also will prevent the debt from being reported to credit agencies.

This year, input on revisions to the AAUW California Public Policy Priorities were compiled, new changes have been proposed to the State Board of Directors, then the general membership will vote in April for adoption.  Check the State website for the current priorities list and please weigh in! In addition to the priorities, the bills which are key to furthering the priorities are also listed now on the State website.

I invite you to join us next time for AAUW California Lobby Day… a rewarding activity to take part in seeing AAUW Public Policy in action!