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2017-2018 Budget Needs Branch Approval by May Ruth Lynch and Other Documents and Calendars for your Convenience

The Board of Directors has approved the budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 here. We request that all branch members review the proposed budget, as we will vote on it at the September Showcase.

Please direct any questions or suggestions to May Ruth Lynch at 382-4412 or

In addition to the budget, please click below to get hard copies of our interest group calendar, book group calendar and printable articles:

  • Click here for the interest group calendar
  • Click here for the book group calendar
  • Click here for printable articles

Come to the Branch Strategic Meeting on October 22 and Be Part of Shaping Our Future! by Linda Patterson

strategic-planningAAUW Sacramento Branch will hold a Branch Strategic Planning Meeting on:

Saturday, Oct. 22 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Sacramento Department of Human Assistance Office
2700 Fulton Ave., Sacramento

Sandi Gabe, a member of the AAUW California Board of Directors and facilitator with the AAUW Leader-On-Loan-Program, will lead the meeting and facilitate the discussion.

All AAUW Sacramento Branch members are invited and encouraged to attend. 

At this meeting, the future direction of the AAUW Sacramento Branch will be discussed and determined. Group discussion will included an examination of the current strengths and weaknesses of the Branch, future goals, and priorities for programs, activities, and interest groups.

Now is every member’s opportunity to step forward and share ideas and desires for the Branch. As a membership organization, we can only do what are members are willing to do. Sandi promises to help us have an interesting and fun day planning for the future of AAUW Sacramento.

Please mark your calendars and plan on attending this important meeting on Oct. 22.

The group will take a short break for lunch but will not have time to leave the building so please plan on bringing a bag lunch, water, beverages and whatever snacks you will need for the day. No refreshments will be available in the building.


We hope to see you at the branch’s first strategic planning meeting in many years!