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Applause Please by Kathleen Asay, Funds Co-Director

Did you know that AAUW is one of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women? For the academic year 2017-18, more than $3.7 million in fellowships and grants was awarded to 250 women and nonprofit organizations. And thanks to the longstanding generosity of AAUW members, a broad community of women continues to gain access to educational and economic opportunities.

The Sacramento branch’s 100th Anniversary Grant Fund, when completed, will join AAUW’s extended family of stipend-producing Research and Projects Funds. Since 1972, Research and Projects Funds have provided support to hundreds of individuals and communities around the nation to advance education and equality for women and girls through Community Action Grants. While early projects sought to help women balance family and education or supported the establishment of women’s resource centers on college campuses, that phrase “to advance education and equality for women and girls” is today’s focus. Special consideration is given to applicants’ projects centered on K-12 and community college girls’ and women’s achievements in science, technology, engineering, and math. Grants are awarded to individuals, AAUW branches and state organizations, and to local community-based nonprofits for innovative programs or non-degree research projects that promote education and equality for women and girls. Projects have become increasingly collaborative and girl-focused, bringing together AAUW branches and local community groups (for example, Tech Trek started with an R & P grant).

Sacramento AAUW has a proud 100-year history of working to improve the lives and education of women and girls in the Sacramento region and beyond. Our Anniversary Fund will continue that tradition for years to come.

We Want to Hear your AAUW Story! by Linda Whitney

At AAUW’s National Convention in Washington, D.C., last June, Gloria Yost and I attended a workshop on “Telling Your Story.” We heard about some amazing women who made positive differences in their communities. Some changed what was happening in our country and the world. For example, First Lady Lou Henry Hoover was an AAUW member and two-term National President of the Girl Scouts. During her tenure, the Girl Scouts began their first cookie sale.

We know some women in the Sacramento Branch have helped make positive changes in our branch, our city, and our state. Wouldn’t it be great if those women shared their stories with all of us?

The 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Sacramento Branch is in February 2020. A group of us are working to gather stories that help tell the story of interesting (and sometimes amazing) things Sacramento branch members have done over the past 100 years. Do you have a story relating to our branch that you could share? We are looking for all types of stories, from major contributions to special events, friendships, funny anecdotes and more. Click here for the form to share your story.

The Countdown to 2020 Has Begun! by Gloria Yost

1928 AAUW Sacramento Roster

With the kickoff at the December meeting, AAUW Sacramento has begun the run up to our 100th birthday in 2020. Over the next two years, stories about AAUW, its members, issues we’ve supported, and the impact our organization and its members made in our city, state and nation will be shared in Capitol Ideas. We start the sharing of information with five questions:

DID YOU KNOW…that when the Sacramento Branch began in February 1920, it was one of Northern California’s largest women’s organizations with 800 members?

DID YOU KNOW…that the Sacramento Branch was actually part of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae when it was organized?

DID YOU KNOW…that the purpose of the Sacramento Branch was to unite college women in our vicinity with the national organization in working on educational, civic, and social problems?

DID YOU KNOW…that in 1921 the national organization changed its name to the American Association of University Women; however, its purpose remained the same?

DID YOU KNOW…that Sacramento Branch Records are archived at the Center for Sacramento History?

The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund provides funds for the AAUW Research Reports by Alicia Hetman

The AAUW Eleanor Roosevelt Fund was launched in 1988 and is the funding vehicle for AAUW’s groundbreaking research on issues related to gender equity in education and the workplace. Our work influences the national discussion on topics like the pay gap between women and men, sexual harassment in the schools and on college campuses, and the under-representation of women in science and engineering. AAUW research serves as a catalyst for action.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund programs have changed over the years, but the ideals remain the same. AAUW leaders recognize that we must continue our “ongoing support of greater participation by women and girls in actively shaping their future.” In addition to the research conducted, the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund also provides an annual Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award. The 2017 Award Recipient was SurvJustice, Inc., a national nonprofit that increases the prospect of justice for all survivors through effective legal assistance. I was given the great honor of presenting the Award to Laura L. Dunn, SurvJustice’s founder, during the AAUW 2017 Convention. We were all very impressed with the work of SurvJustice and inspired by Dunn’s life story that led her to start SurvJustice.

There is a critical need for AAUW members to annually contribute to The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund. This Fund is not stipend-producing and relies on “new monies” each year to fund our phenomenal research. I encourage all AAUW Sacramento members to annually contribute to The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund. If each member would make a commitment to give an annual gift specifically to this fund, just think about how those additional contributions will enhance our groundbreaking research. I give my additional gift to The ER Fund every Mother’s Day to honor a woman in my life. I hope you’ll join me by gifting what you can afford to further the work of The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund.

The leaders who created the fund and award were inspired by the words of Eleanor Roosevelt:

It is today that we must create the world of the future. Never have we needed as acutely as now – in a world of ferment, shifting and changing its course, often without direction – the full use of all the brain power we have. We need every single mind. We cannot afford to have any potential talent or ability dulled to apathy.

Funds Updates by Kathleen Asay

Kathy Asay

I am pleased to report that Alicia Hetman has agreed to serve as Funds co-director for this program year. Alicia, as many of you know, is a past president of California AAUW and has served on the national Funds board. She even has an unfinished grant fund in her name. I am sure we will all benefit from her expertise. Thank you, Alicia!

In other good news, because of your generosity and the contributions of other branches, we only need about $11,000 to complete the Sacramento Branch’s 100th Anniversary Research and Projects Fund. We are happy to take contributions at any time, but if you would like a write-off for 2017, please send in your donations now. Checks can be sent to me or to our finance director, May Ruth Lynch, or brought to the holiday luncheon on Dec. 9.

Alicia Hetman

Also, if you shop at Amazon, remember to use Amazon Smile. A percentage of your purchase goes directly to our branch. (Go to and choose American Association of University Women, Sacramento as your donation recipient.)



Then, while you’re busy shopping, cooking, wrapping gifts, and even donating, take a moment to gift yourself. Mark your calendar for Saturday, Jan. 27, and plan to attend the Sacramento area InterBranch Council luncheon, where you will again have the opportunity to hear from an AAUW Funds grant recipient. Happy New Year!

AAUW Funds-Causes Worthy of Our Support by Kathy Papst, Funds Committee Member

Joining AAUW allowed me to find like-minded friends when I moved to Sacramento. It also involved me in a community that supports women and girls in their efforts to advance their education and conduct critical research.

Our grant funds help make these activities possible. Find and support the ones that reflect your interest. For instance, if you wish to help with Title IX and women’s equity in academics and employment, you can donate to the Legal Advocacy Fund. You can also support the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund or Fund #9110, which our Association uses where needed.

I would also like to encourage donating to our branch’s 100th Anniversary Research and Projects Grant. We are well on our way to reaching our goal of $75,000 to fully fund this grant, but we need to keep in mind that we are not done until we reach that goal. When completed, our anniversary fund will provide one more resource for women from the United States and around the world to work to improve the lives of all women.

As we near the holiday season, it is time for us to get into the giving spirit. It would be a wonderful gift to contribute to these worthy grants and know that you are helping women and girls fulfill their dreams and advance research and knowledge around the world.


Funds Update by Funds Director Kathleen L. Asay

When we talk about AAUW Funds, we have much to celebrate. Since 1888, AAUW has provided support to 12,000 women and research and community projects, representing all 50 states and 140 countries. Many of those women and projects are here in California. This month, California AAUW will celebrate with three luncheons across the state where members can meet the women and discover the exciting work being done here with our support. Six to eight of our outstanding recent recipients will attend each luncheon, present an overview of their work, and give a personal account of what AAUW’s support has meant to them.


Two luncheons will be held in Northern California:

  • Oct. 28 in South San Francisco
  • Oct. 29 in Danville.

The cost is $45. To attend in South San Francisco, go to For the Danville luncheon, see The deadline for reservations is Oct. 16. If you decide to go, please email me at so I can arrange carpools. You may also want to take notes so you can report back what you learned!

Funds Update by Funds Director Kathleen L. Asay

I first became acquainted with AAUW fellowships and grants over forty ago when I was in my twenties, newly married and working in the graduate division fellowship office at UCLA. Above my desk hung a poster for post-doctoral fellowships being given by the American Association of University Women. I was impressed that there was a program just for women but even more impressed by the women who were applying for it.

We’re still giving those awards, but now AAUW offers support for women in all levels of education, in research, career development and study for select professions such as STEM or business. AAUW funds provide community action grants to individuals, branches and non-profits. Did you know that nearly $4 million is awarded every year? Since 1888, AAUW has awarded more than $100 million.

This year, Sacramento branch is proclaiming loudly that AAUW Speaks Out for Women. One way we speak is through our financial support of women who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Be watching for ways you can help

Funds Update: Here are Our Named Branch Honorees by Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew

On Saturday, May 13, we had the opportunity to publicly recognize our Named Branch Gift Honorees. Three of these wonderful ladies have done and do so much for the branch but their names and accomplishments are not well known. The fourth honoree is known and vocal but no less deserving. Only two could make the meeting, but all were enthusiastically received. Thank you to our committee and members who submitted the following honorees:

Sharon Anderson – Membership Treasurer Extraordinaire

Since the 2009-2010 branch year Sharon has processed our dues payments, sorted and notified all the other directors and chairs of monies donated in their areas, and published and maintained the membership directory. As Funds Directors we have witnessed first-hand her excellent work. After she sends us a spreadsheet she upon request will also supply mailing and return address labels for our thank you letters. A branch member submitted Sharon’s nomination, and we were stunned to note she had not been previously recognized. Please keep reminding your Funds Directors of members who have gone the extra mile.

Jean Bonar – Past President and continuous branch supporter

Jean supplied us with a perfect paragraph that we read at the meeting and is repeated here: “When I joined AAUW in 1973, I found it to be a place where I could learn, grow, and contribute to important issues, and it has been a strong presence in my life ever since that time. Even before I became involved, my mother was an active AAUW member. I can remember her enthusiasm about AAUW activities and her dedication to the various offices she held throughout the years, including the presidency of the Marin branch. Now, the establishment of a Research and Projects grant in the name of our branch is an exciting possibility, and I was energized when Nancy Lawrence and Ruth Burgess challenged us with this project at a Past President’s meeting. I am happy that I was able to contribute to the fund and help make this grant a reality.”

Nancy McCabe – President 2015 – 2017

Nancy was possibly the least senior member to step up to leading our branch and do such a fine job. Nancy was asked to be President-Elect during Cherril Peabody’s presidency and then continued as president for two years, a three-year commitment! During a time when it has been so hard to find members willing to join the board at all, this was truly wonderful. Additionally, Nancy leapt in to take a very active role in moving our branch to collaborate with others and introduce Sacramento, once again, to our presence and mission. One example is our participation in Take Back the Night, with Nancy downtown heading our table and marching. Another is revising our Mission Statement to more clearly and concisely reflect the branch. Thank you, Nancy; you are a hard act to follow!

Angela Scarlett – Communications Director, Happy Hour Coordinator, Newsletter Team, Webmaster, Facebook, Twitter and Eventbrite, plus she works full-time!

Angela is amazing! Another member put her name forward and, once again, Marty and I smacked our heads! Besides all she does, like Sharon, she is often invisible to our members except for the results. She has taught and tutored many of us on computers. For example, thanks to Angela I know how to update our website — no simple task. Angela was instrumental in working with the AAUW National web team in our current website’s development, and her work has saved the branch considerable amounts of money. She willingly finds time to work with others to improve branch communication, including standardizing e-blasts, use of Survey Monkey, and simplifying production of the newsletter. An example on the newsletter is that all information had to be into our previous newsletter editor by the 8th of the month. Now our deadline is the 15th with the ability to make changes until the 22nd.This allows the newsletter to have far more timely content. We cannot thank Angela enough!

Marjorie Wade: EF Fellowship Recipient Loyal to AAUW by Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew

Dr. Marjorie Wade

Marjorie Wade, loyal Sacramento Branch member and professor of World Languages and Literatures at California State University, Sacramento, recently shared how receiving a Fellowship from AAUW allowed her to complete her Ph.D. dissertation.

Born in Kentucky into a military family, she lived in a number of different locations, including seven years in Germany as her father completed two tours of duty there. When time for another move arrived, her father suggested that she apply for college even though high school graduation was still a year away.

Dr. Wade was accepted at the College of William and Mary in Virginia with the provision that the scores on her entrance exams were sufficient. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in European history at William and Mary. After working for the federal government for four years, she returned to academia and enrolled at Duke University to earn her master’s degree in German. She then moved to Ann Arbor, MI., to complete a Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in Germanic Languages and Literatures.

At this point, needing financial support to do research for her dissertation, Dr. Wade applied for an AAUW fellowship as well as a Fulbright fellowship. When both organizations were so generous as to award her grants, AAUW worked with her to adjust their dollar amount so she could accept both awards. The awards enabled her to spend two years in Vienna, Austria to complete her research on the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximillian I (1493-1519). She was enthusiastic about the opportunity she had to study at the University of Vienna and have access to the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, which houses Maximillian’s richly illustrated Weisskunig. The Emperor’s autobiographical work is a treasured resource of art, history and literature.

After receiving her Ph.D., Dr. Wade joined the German faculty at CSUS, where she teaches classes in German language, literature and history.

Dr. Wade says she is still extremely grateful to AAUW for her grant and for being so accommodating with their fellowship award that she could also keep the Fulbright, which provided many connections abroad. In fact, she very recently returned from the 65th Anniversary celebration in Vienna of the Fulbright exchange program in Austria.