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Marjorie Wade: EF Fellowship Recipient Loyal to AAUW by Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew

Dr. Marjorie Wade

Marjorie Wade, loyal Sacramento Branch member and professor of World Languages and Literatures at California State University, Sacramento, recently shared how receiving a Fellowship from AAUW allowed her to complete her Ph.D. dissertation.

Born in Kentucky into a military family, she lived in a number of different locations, including seven years in Germany as her father completed two tours of duty there. When time for another move arrived, her father suggested that she apply for college even though high school graduation was still a year away.

Dr. Wade was accepted at the College of William and Mary in Virginia with the provision that the scores on her entrance exams were sufficient. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in European history at William and Mary. After working for the federal government for four years, she returned to academia and enrolled at Duke University to earn her master’s degree in German. She then moved to Ann Arbor, MI., to complete a Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in Germanic Languages and Literatures.

At this point, needing financial support to do research for her dissertation, Dr. Wade applied for an AAUW fellowship as well as a Fulbright fellowship. When both organizations were so generous as to award her grants, AAUW worked with her to adjust their dollar amount so she could accept both awards. The awards enabled her to spend two years in Vienna, Austria to complete her research on the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximillian I (1493-1519). She was enthusiastic about the opportunity she had to study at the University of Vienna and have access to the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, which houses Maximillian’s richly illustrated Weisskunig. The Emperor’s autobiographical work is a treasured resource of art, history and literature.

After receiving her Ph.D., Dr. Wade joined the German faculty at CSUS, where she teaches classes in German language, literature and history.

Dr. Wade says she is still extremely grateful to AAUW for her grant and for being so accommodating with their fellowship award that she could also keep the Fulbright, which provided many connections abroad. In fact, she very recently returned from the 65th Anniversary celebration in Vienna of the Fulbright exchange program in Austria.

Love, Talk, Read by Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew

lovetalkreadAt the September Showcase, our second-year Kit Mahnke Scholarship winner, Christina Ibarra, introduced us to the nonprofit Love, Talk, Read. Christina, a Speech Pathology major at California State University, Sacramento, and the CSUS Speech Pathology & Audiology Department, are leading a major book drive for this program, which provides children’s book to low-income families.

Since our branch supports education and selects a local group to help at our holiday party, we have selected Love, Talk, Read and partnered with CSUS to collect books. This is a team trifecta: our branch, our university partner, and our scholarship winner. To learn more about Love, Talk, Read go to

We will have book collection boxes and flyers at our holiday luncheon, and Christina to tell us more about the program. Of course we will be happily collecting money for our own programs, as well: Funds, Speech Trek, Tech Trek and Scholarships!

Hope to see you on December 10th!

Donna & Marty

Contribute to our Sacramento Branch History Do you have any branch materials? by Gloria Yost

As the Sacramento AAUW Branch approaches its 100th anniversary as an organization, we hope historianto compile a history of our many accomplishments and milestones. If you have old newsletters, directories, studies, notes, etc. about branch activities in which you have participated as a member, please let us know. The more information we can gather the more complete our history will be.

Contacts: Ruth Burgess – 612-5047 or

Linda Sparks – 481-2941 or

Gloria Yost – 961-3306 or

Congratulations to our 2015 Branch Named Gift Honorees! by Marty McKnew & Donna Holmes

For all that you do for our branch

For all that you do for our branch

In December 2012, we established the Sacramento Branch 100th Anniversary Research & Project Grant. Since then, six members have supported the grant each year, helping us reach over 50 percent of our goal by December 2015. Marty and I are two of the six. The other four, with board approval, are being honored for their consistent support. Rather than tell you about these wonderful ladies, we choose to interview them about the grant.

Our winners are Kathleen Asay, Marilyn Orrick, Hedda Smithson and Gloria Yost.

This year you are being honored as a named gift recipient because of your annual support of the Sacramento Branch 100th Anniversary R & P Grant since its inception. Will you tell us why you made this a part of your charitable giving each year?

Kathy: “I have always supported AAUW Funds since I became a member and particularly appreciate the opportunity to support a fund that honors the branch and people I know. I was Funds Director in Fullerton and started a Research & Project grant for Fullerton’s 50 year anniversary, completed long ago.”

Marilyn: “I think it is important to the aims and goals of this organization.”

Hedda: “Because I can and because AAUW changed my life. One example is my book group. We read and discuss the coolest books that I would not have read otherwise.”

Gloria: “Because I believe in the AAUW mission of helping women and girls.”

How important is this anniversary to our Branch and to you?

Kathy: “Very significant to me in that it says AAUW has been here, not just on the East Coast, serving members and the community for a long time.”

Marilyn: “The 100th anniversary is a very significant number. It signifies that this branch is a sustainable and vital contributing part of our community.”

Hedda: “Having been involved with presentations about history, I feel we need to celebrate. I remember hearing about and seeing in the history center old directories where the members were listed by their husband’s names, e.g., Mrs. Thomas Smithson – the woman’s name was not mentioned!”

Gloria: “Our branch’s 100th anniversary is a milestone we should be proud of and celebrate.”

What do you feel has been your most important contribution to the branch during your time as a member?

Kathy: “Starting the couples dining out group, now in its ninth year. I chaired the first six years. It’s been great for getting to know other members and their husbands. I also believe in going to branch meetings.”

Marilyn: “I used to be on the leadership training team for the State (2 or 3 to a team). We traveled to branches and provided leadership training specifically tailored to the branch needs. Self discovery was a big part of it.”

Hedda: “Being president more than once, helping and advising as needed. I am a support person for whatever is happening now.”

Gloria: “My willingness to take a leadership role.” (Editorial comment: This is so true!)

Progress Report on 100th Anniversary Grant by Donna Holmes & Marty McKnew

All the numbers are in for 2015, and we have amazing news! We have now reached 54.6% of our fundraising goal for the 100th Anniversary Grant! Funds financial year runs January-December, unlike the regular branch year. In 2015, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” and Installation Tea were also fundraisers for our 100th Anniversary Research and Project Grant. Our members also donated generously. Finally, each year Marty and I solicit sister branches for donations to our grant. Here is the breakdown:

Branch Fundraisers: $2,655.93Funds Thermometer March 2016
Branch Members: $4,580.00
Nevada County Branch: $3,750.00
Santa Barbara-Goleta Branch: $104.00
Bakersfield Member: $200.00
Nevada County Members: $850.00
San Carlos Members: $450.00
Santa Barbara-Goleta Members: $1,875.00

2015 Total donations: $14,464.93

Grand Total to date: $40,966.93


In 2015, we received $7,229 from our sister branches with our great appreciation! Together we are reaching our goals. In only 30% of the time allotted, we have 54.6% of the goal. When you receive your membership renewal packets, please help us keep this ball rolling. We thank you, and those who will benefit in the future thank you!

Funds Update by Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew

CONGRATULATIONS Sacramento Branch! The 2015 Annual Report has been released and, for the first time Marty and I can remember, we are one of the top 50 branches for Funds donations. Considering the number of branches in the United States, this is wonderful! Thank you to all who donated, in no particular order:

May Ruth Lynch, Glee Scully, Anita Miller, Alicia Hetman, Kathy Asay, Alice Bauer, Shari Beck, Jean Bonar, Susan Bordner, Ruth Burgess, Linda Cook, Carol Doughty, Joan Eddy, Mary Ann Fleming, SueAnn Freeman, Cheryl D. Fuller, Mary Ann Grant, Alice Hammel, Joan Hammond, Donna Holmes, Lisa Howard, Robin Howlett, Marlene Jackson, Elizabeth Jordan, Gail La Fortune, Nancy Lawrence, Cathy Locke, Nancy McCabe, Elaine Moody, Patricia Morehead, Susana Mullen, Marilyn Orrick, Cherril Peabody, Bonnie Penix, Diane Petersen, Jane Pivetti, Anne Rhodes, Malinda Rice, Georgia Richardson, Marianne Rorden, Sandi Schoenman, Gina Schumacher, Gloria Sears, Barbara Smith, Hedda Smithson, Linda Tinker, Pam Vaughn, Alice Welborn, Ruth Werner, Shirley Wheeler, Linda Whitney, Pat Winkle, Sandra Winter, Sanaye Yokota, Gloria Yost, Charmen Goehring, Rosa Lee Black, Sandra Cavey, Judy Tanner, Ann Arneill-Py, Betty Riley, Carol Doughty, Karen Rauhaus, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Joan Rhee, Linda Tinsman, Shirley Sickert, Loraine Holden Lorreta Hom, Mary Schneider, Ginger Bartel-Sherb, Anna Storey, Marlys Huez, Jane Reinmuth, Jane Cooley, Rhonda Skipper-Dotta, Karen Smith, and Marty McKnew.

Many, many thanks to the 78 members, or one-third of our branch, for their support of our mission. For those who did not donate, or did not donate to our 100th Anniversary Fund #4372, it is never too late!

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year,

Donna and Marty

Latest Funds Update by Marty McKnew and Donna Holmes

Marty McKnew, Funds Co-Director

Marty McKnew, Funds Co-Director

We have just received the latest Funds report for 2015.  Through the end of September our branch members have donated over $5,000 to our Educational Foundation!  Add to that a check for $3,630 representing the branch’s recent fund-raising efforts.  Won’t you help make our 2015 contributions top $10,000?  Please consider AAUW when making out your year-end giving list.  A donation to the Fund is a great way to honor women.

Donating to the Sacramento Branch 100th Anniversary Fund #4372 will help us complete this Research and Projects grant by our 100th anniversary in 2020.  Of the $8,685 donated, $5,335 was ear-marked for this Fund.  If all had been designated, we would be a lot closer to this goal.  We are making progress – over 40% complete.  But we need your continued support.

Donna Holmes, Funds Co-Director

Donna Holmes, Funds Co-Director

Please consider designating all donations for the next five years to the Sacramento Branch 100th Anniversary Fund #4372.

You can donate on the AAUW website here.  To credit our fund, click on Search for a specific program, then scroll down to Grants and select Sacramento Branch 100th Anniversary.

Funds Update by Donna Holmes and Marty McKnew

AAUW 100th Anniversary Fund Progress

AAUW 100th Anniversary Fund Progress

AAUW recently announced that $3.7 million in fellowships and grants was awarded to 244 scholars for the 2014-2015 school year. There are 25 recipients who will be studying in California during the year. Because this money represents the interest earned from completed endowments as the principal is never used, we encourage you to donate to the California unfinished endowments so they too can fund fellowships and grants. “ Sharon Westafer, Director, Funds Committee Chair for California

So, in keeping with this wise advice, thank you for donating to our 100th Anniversary Fund # 4372. We are making wonderful progress but we are not done yet. Please keep giving. If you want to use a credit card, you may do so at

Sacramento Branch Named Gift Honorees for 2015 by Donna Holmes & Marty McKnew

This month we continue our series on past presidents who were honored as the Sacramento Branch Named Gift Honorees for 2015. For every $750 donated to Funds on behalf of our branch, we can choose a Named Gift Honoree. This year we have chosen four of our past presidents to be honored.

Past President Molly Dugan

Past President Molly Dugan

Molly Dugan, co-president from 2011 to 2013, has been a member of the Sacramento Branch for 10 years. In addition to these two terms as president, she was the branch secretary for two years and most recently served as Scholarship co-chair and on the Nominating Committee. This Sacramento native is planning to take some time off from serving on the board but will always be involved in AAUW activities. Member Cathy Locke recruited Molly for AAUW when they worked together at the Sacramento Bee. She joined AAUW for the mission but admits that the people are what it is all about.

At the age of 18 Molly began her career in journalism as a copy girl at the Sacramento Bee. With a Master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University, she worked for various newspapers, eventually returning to the Bee. In 2006 she had an opportunity to teach journalism at Sacramento State University and has been there ever since. It is her way of giving back for her wonderful career. In 2000 Molly married a fellow journalist, Dan Smith. We are so lucky to have this vivacious member as a vital part of our AAUW family.

Barbara Smith  preparing for the 95th Anniversary Tea

Barbara Smith preparing for the 95th Anniversary Tea

Barbara Smith, co-president for the 2006-2007 year, will soon be joining the exclusive club of 50-year members of the branch. She has been newsletter editor many times as well as Program vice-president and recording secretary during her years of membership and can be found working behind the scenes on most AAUW events. Barbara joined in 1967 after being invited to a tea for prospective members. She liked what she saw and soon became active in branch activities. She has been a member of her book group ever since and took part in couples gourmet for over 35 years.

In 1970 Barbara was a member of the first local scholarships committee and the following year chaired a large fundraiser for local scholarships. Another project she remembers was the Balance of Nature Show members took around to grade schools. Many things have changed in her 48 years of membership. Noteworthy to Barbara was that her identity changed from Mrs. Roger Smith to Mrs. Barbara Smith to now just Barbara Smith. She is much happier with her current status. Barbara and her husband Roger have been married for almost 53 years and have three children and two grandchildren. Members like Barbara have enabled our branch to thrive for its 95 years.

“Congratulations to our Named Branch Gift Honorees” by Donna Holmes

This month we are featuring two of our Named Branch Gift Honorees, Nancy Lawrence and Marty McKnew.  These two amazing ladies have close to 100 years of AAUW membership and achievements to their names.

Nancy Lawrence has been a member of our branch for more than 50 years and has been active in giving her whole life.  In our branch she has been finance officer, newsletter editor, president twice (a total of four years), book group member, and HUGE supporter of Tech Trek.  In my last six years on the board I have only met her once and spoken to her on the phone once, but her name and generosity come up all the time.  As I worked on this I was surprised to find we live in the same neighborhood, and I hope to get to know her better.  Besides all she has done for our branch and AAUW at large, Nancy has found the time and energy to work with the Girl Scouts, the Crocker Art Museum, and the Sacramento Public Library Foundation.  Thank you, Nancy. Women like you make AAUW the prestigious organization it is today.

Marty McKnew

Named Branch Honoree Marty McKnew

Marty McKnew has been active in AAUW for more than 30 years. I have had the pleasure of working with her on the board for four and a half years, and we are continuing together for another year.  Marty started in the Salinas Branch, where she was president in 1986-87.  She has served in many positions for AAUW-CA, including Central Coast District Director, Nominating Committee, Northern District Director, Educational Foundation Committee, and she is an AAUW Legacy Circle Member.  In our branch, Marty has served many years in various Funds Director positions, nominating committee, and she was branch president in 2009-10.  Her devotion to our national mission and programs was publically recognized when she was named the AAUW California 2012 Named Gift Honoree.  Additionally, she has worked tirelessly on the past three branch fundraisers, helped anyone who calls and needs an assist, and single-handedly published our newsletter one month when we lost our coordinator suddenly and had not found a replacement.  And, just like Nancy, her efforts and generosity are not limited to AAUW.  Somehow Marty has found the time and energy to travel extensively with Friendship Force (international travel group) as well as being their president for the past two years.  Additionally, she has been a docent at the California State Capitol since 2000 and was president of the docents from 2008 to 2010.  Thank you, Marty, for your willingness to always step up and do a stellar job!