College & University Partnerships

AAUW’s College/University Partner Member Program provides educational institutions the opportunity to easily share all the benefits of AAUW with their students, faculty, and staff. Partners collaborate with branches on community programs, receive national visibility, and benefit from AAUW’s powerful network that supports them and advocates on their behalf.

FREE e-student affiliate status
As an AAUW college/university partner, all of your undergraduate students are immediately eligible for FREE e-student affiliate status. E-student affiliates receive electronic copies of AAUW’s publications and research and have access to all AAUW’s student affiliate benefits, including the vast array of leadership and professional development resources, the more than $3 million in fellowships, grants, and awards, access to local branch scholarships, and opportunities for networking and outreach on campus and beyond through collaborations with local branches on relevant community initiatives.

Benefits for your institution
Along with substantial benefits for your faculty, staff and students, partnership with AAUW is advantageous for your institution as well. As a college/university partner, you will tap into one of the nation’s oldest and most respected women’s organizations advocating for education and influencing the debate on the critical issues your institution faces. AAUW fights for what you need — responsible funding for higher education, bias-free learning and gender equity, and academic freedom. You will receive recognition in the online directory of partner members and increased buying power through exclusive member discounts on numerous things from subscriptions to insurance.

California State University, Sacramento has proudly become a member of AAUW Sacramento.