Presidents’ Message by Liz Jordan

Dear Friends:

Liz Jordan

As a past member of the Speech Trek Committee, I hope we see lots of members supporting the efforts of the young speakers this month at CRC, Winn 150, on February 16, 9-12. Please note: Everyone pays a $2.00 parking fee at Los Rios Community College parking facilities. The outdoor parking lot closest to the Winn Center takes cash only. The nearby parking garage will take cash or credit card.

If you feel discouraged after listening to the news about schools and students, please come watch these young people step outside their comfort zone and speak their truth. It takes courage and lots of preparation, and they will inspire and give you hope for the future. This speech contest is like Tech Trek, a mission-based program, and one of our most positive contributions to our community.

Recently, I attended a meeting of the 100th Anniversary committee and it was inspiring. This committee has been working hard for over a year already, researching those wonderful articles about the history of our branch through the decades. Each one of those articles takes hours to research and write. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned a lot about how important AAUW has been to the Sacramento area, as well as, how we have influenced state government.

Donna Holmes

The 100th Anniversary Committee has arranged an exciting meeting on March 30th at the Center for Sacramento History, 551 Sequoia Pacific Blvd from 10:00 – Noon where we can learn about Archiving, our own AAUW archives, and other first-hand evidence about the history of our community. The committee is also planning our BIG Party on February 29, 2020, at Northridge Country Club.