President’s Message

President’s Message By Nancy McCabe

I have been asked how members can be more politically active within AAUW, given that as a 501(c)(3) our affiliate cannot advocate for partisan politics. But, AAUW supports lobbyists, at the state and national level, to advocate for issues that further our mission statement of advancing gender equity for women and girls. Note the difference: We are non-partisan, but not disinterested. We are issue focused, not political-party focused. You can certainly do that on your own time or with other organizations.

National AAUW supports a program called the Two-Minute Activist, in which many of us participate. Aside from donating to the state and national organizations, it is the easiest way to get involved. The process is as follows:  On your computer, go to Log in if you have before or have forgotten your password. If not, follow the ‘Donate, Engage, Renew’ which prompts you how to set a login if you have not previously set on. Log in, which takes you to the ‘Personal Snapshot’ page. Check your information, return to the top of the page and click ‘Take Action.’ On the right of the screen click ‘Two-Minute Activist’ and sign up. Again you will see your contact information and then click on your interests. Click ‘Submit’ and you are in! This sounds like a lot, but it is pretty intuitive. Don’t you hate that when someone says that? Generally I say, then why do I need directions! Really, it is easy! Trust me.

You will get emails that tell you what the issue is and give you the chance to add your own thoughts to the prepared message. You agree for it to be sent to your representatives, or not, as you see fit, and you are done. Try it. Besides being told of the issues and AAUW’s position, you are informing your representatives!