CSUS Internship

Branch Undertakes Exciting New Internship Project with CSUS By Liz Jordan

In November 2023, the board for our Sacramento Branch voted to create a new outreach program in cooperation with CSUS Sociology Professor Lina Rincon.  The program is a semester-long internship in which students research and learn about AAUW, how to establish a new affiliate club on the CSUS campus, etc.

Professor Rincon, sociologist and faculty developer for settings in higher education, has been meeting with Gloria Yost and Liz Jordan of our branch, working out funding for three internship positions. Dr. Rincon, who teaches and conducts research on race and ethnic relations along with migration of Latinx professionals and DEI in higher education, is also a member of our branch and the representative to National for CSUS.    She recently served as director of faculty diversity and inclusion at CSUS.

The paid internships, funded by both the Sacramento Branch of AAUW and the university, will begin in early February.  Several applicants have expressed their desire to take advantage of this opportunity.  This is an exciting new pilot program for the branch; we are excited to meet and help guide students through this project in cooperation with Dr. Rincon.