President’s Message

President’s Message By Nancy McCabe

AAUW members are very generous people as witnessed by the food donated at our Holiday Luncheon in December. Several members donated later, and I had the opportunity to visit the food closet at CSUS in January, before classes began.

I was given the tour of the room where students come to get needed food. They have a refrigerator and have received a generous grant to buy a larger one. Food is organized by type, such as cereal and canned soup that appeared to come from bulk purchases, probably facilitated by monthly donations. They also have a large rack of bread products, which concerned me as school was on break. The coordinator of the facility said that they go through this really large rack of bread in two hours during school, and there are students who are local who also come in during the break. There were bins of carrots and potatoes, probably donated by a farmer.

This brings me to a way we can further be involved. Soil Born Farms has volunteers who come out on Saturdays to pick and donate fruit from your backyard trees if you would like to donate it. They then distribute the fruit to local food banks, one of which is at CSUS. To donate in this way: Go to Soil, click ‘volunteer’, next ‘Join the Harvest Sacramento team’, then ‘Donate — donate your fruit’ options are 1. “We harvest and donate the fruit from your tree,” complete the form shown there, or 2. “You harvest and donate fruit from your tree,” Locate a donation site near you. Click on that to enter your location and enter how many miles you are willing to travel to donate.

As a further way to help: They also give students cookbooks with recipes that are quick and easy, like having only a few ingredients. Who doesn’t have way too many cookbooks? I live near CSUS and can deliver if you would like to give them to me when you see me — perhaps at a book group meeting!