Exploring Our Interest Groups: The Foodies by Cherril Peabody

Dining at Star Ginger

Dining at Star Ginger

We all like to get together with friends or loved ones to eat delicious food and share conversation, and we have three interest groups whose goal is to do just that.

Singles Dining Out meets the first Sunday evening of each month. Our president, Nancy McCabe, has been chair of the group for several years. The group dines at a different restaurant each month, with recommendations coming from group members. Some of the restaurants are fairly upscale gourmet destinations, while others are inexpensive and casual ethnic cafes. There is a core group that comes regularly, but other members only come occasionally. For more information, contact Nancy McCabe at (916) 383-8405 or mccaben@comcast.net.

Couples Dining Out meets the last Sunday evening of each month. The chair is Sharon Norris. Husbands are included in this group, and therefore the places they eat tend to feature substantial food offerings and not a lot of ethnic cuisine. To accommodate conversation they distribute themselves among separate tables of no more than eight people. The entrée prices per person tend to be in the $20 to $30 range. Like the singles group, most of the couples come regularly, but some only come once in a while. For more information, contact Sharon Norris at (916) 381-4166 or x2ski@hotmail.com.

The Healthy Heart group meets in member’s homes and for that reason is limited in the numbers they can accept in the group and is currently at maximum. They meet on the second Sunday evening for a sit-down dinner comprised of healthy foods. Many but not all of the dishes they prepare are vegetarian. The hostess of each dinner prepares the main course, and the rest of the attendees each bring something to complete the menu. They plan the meals in advance. It’s a casual process, but they may have a theme or specialize in a color. Jane Cooley is the chair of the group. If you’re interested in starting a second Health Heart group, contact her at (916) 483-0302 or janecooley1@gmail.com.