We Need a Few Good Women! By Cherril Peabody, Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee has been fortunate in identifying great candidates to serve in many of the board positions for next year. However, we still have three positions open, and we would appreciate your help. We still need two Program Co-Directors and a President-Elect.

We are encouraging newer members to step up and volunteer to serve. Serving on the board of directors is a wonderful way to give back to our organization and our community, plus it provides an opportunity to get to know other branch members better and develop new friendships. I can certainly attest to the many friendships I have made while serving on the board in various positions. You may feel you don’t know enough about the job or the organization, but there are many long-time members who will be willing and able to help you as committee members or as knowledgeable resources with the answers to your questions via phone or email.

nominating committeePlease contact a Nominating Committee member (see below) to find out more about either of these volunteer opportunities. I guarantee you won’t be sorry!



Chair Shirley Wheeler: 916-972-7298; fewsad@aol.com
Deborah Dunn: 916-803-1112; JEDDL@comcast.net
Cherril Peabody: 916-973-0821; capeabody@comcast.net
Sandi Schoenman: 916-966-2535; curlilox40@sbcglobal.net
Hedda Smithson: 916-961-7214; fohedda@gmail.com