Progress Report on 100th Anniversary Grant by Donna Holmes & Marty McKnew

All the numbers are in for 2015, and we have amazing news! We have now reached 54.6% of our fundraising goal for the 100th Anniversary Grant! Funds financial year runs January-December, unlike the regular branch year. In 2015, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” and Installation Tea were also fundraisers for our 100th Anniversary Research and Project Grant. Our members also donated generously. Finally, each year Marty and I solicit sister branches for donations to our grant. Here is the breakdown:

Branch Fundraisers: $2,655.93Funds Thermometer March 2016
Branch Members: $4,580.00
Nevada County Branch: $3,750.00
Santa Barbara-Goleta Branch: $104.00
Bakersfield Member: $200.00
Nevada County Members: $850.00
San Carlos Members: $450.00
Santa Barbara-Goleta Members: $1,875.00

2015 Total donations: $14,464.93

Grand Total to date: $40,966.93


In 2015, we received $7,229 from our sister branches with our great appreciation! Together we are reaching our goals. In only 30% of the time allotted, we have 54.6% of the goal. When you receive your membership renewal packets, please help us keep this ball rolling. We thank you, and those who will benefit in the future thank you!