President’s Message by Nancy McCabe

President Nancy McCabe

This year has been an unusual one in that our branch didn’t have a program chair, so every event was planned by an outreach or interest group which has worked out quite well, all things considered. Particular kudos go to Tech Trek who presented “To Engineer is Human–Paths to California Water Resources Management.” It was presented in celebration of Women’s History Month, and the contributions that women working in STEM fields are making every day to save our environment for generations to come.

Our own Sacramento branch member Anne Lynch, a water engineer working as a consultant in flood plain management for the California Department of Water Resources, and Leslie Louden, a professional geologist and Deputy Director of the Financial Assistance program at the California Water Control Board, discussed how their passion for science led them to their current careers. Their program was awarded a certificate of achievement at the California State AAUW annual meeting. This is the second straight year that out branch has been so recognized.

There will be program co-chairs this coming fiscal year who will be meeting with interested members who have noted their interest on the survey which came with your renewal package. We would welcome your interest and participation in planning and achieving interesting programming for the coming year. We would like to keep our winning streak of great events!

Our outreach groups are scholarship, public policy, speech trek, tech trek, and funds. Please complete the survey and select an outreach group which feeds your soul. After all, isn’t this why you became a member of AAUW?