Interest Groups Updates by Cherril Peabody

Cherril Peabody, Interest Group Coordinator

Here is an update on what has happened with the proposed new interest groups. As you may recall, I proposed a Political Action group, but we only had three others sign up for it. After the Showcase, I learned that our Public Policy Committee is going to ask its members to write some postcards and letters to government leaders regarding AAUW-supported issues. As I had foreseen our group would do this activity, I referred the members who had signed up for the interest group to Public Policy.

The other suggested new group was Chamber Music. Since only two members signed up for that group, it will not happen. However, I want to tell those of you who are interested in attending chamber music concerts about a chamber music series at California State University, Sacramento, called New Millennium. The first concert has already taken place, but there are three more scheduled for the Spring semester. The School of Music brings in excellent chamber music groups from all over the world. The performances have been excellent, and the cost is very reasonable. For more detailed information, check out the website: The School of Music also sponsors a piano series featuring world-class pianists. To learn more, contact

I am sorry we didn’t have enough interested members to start either of these two groups, but I am very open to trying to start new groups. Please contact me if you have an idea, especially if you would be willing to be a new group’s first chair.