Public Policy Updates by Ashley Anglesey

What Public Policy Is (and means to AAUW Members)

Public Policy is in its slow season, as the Capitol is on winter break until the beginning of 2018. While there are no events or changes in policy being made right now, we don’t have to slow down In fact, now is a perfect time for some “grassroots advocacy,” which you can do even from the comfort of your own home.

Watch your email for blasts on petitions to sign, letters to write, etc., and please make sure that you’re signed up for AAUW National’s “2 Minute Activist.” It really does take 2 minutes or less to make a difference! []

Some good news has been circulated from National, which I’d like to share. “In 2017 a whopping 42 states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., offered legislative solutions to the gender pay gap. While not all of these bills passed, this growing activity shows that red, blue, and purple states realize that the pay gap is real and that something needs to be done about it.” We’ll keep fighting the good fight! Our next BIG event on the books, which we are beginning to plan, is Equal Pay Day, on April 10. Please watch your emails for updates. If anyone would like to help with this event, please email me at