Speech Trek Thanks Our Donors By Liz Jordan

The Speech Trek Committee wishes to thank the generous donors who are making the upcoming Feb. 17 Speech Trek speech contest possible.  Because of these donors, Speech Trek is able to provide

  • An informational workshop for interested students on each of the nine regular education high school campuses of the Elk Grove Unified School District.
  • Cash awards of $500 for the 1st place winner, $250 for the 2nd place winner, and $100 for the 3rd place winner.

This is a mission-based program administered by AAUW California and offers students the practice of a life skill and the opportunity to compete at the state level against the winning speakers of the 15-20 other California Branches that also offer the contest at the local level.

The following donors included a donation to Speech Trek along with their dues this year:

Ann Arneill

Kathleen Asay

Alice G. Bauer

Shari Beck

Jean Bonar

Ruth Burgess

Vivian Counts

Mary Ann Fleming

Judy Foote

Cheryl Fuller

Joan Hammond

Marlys Huez

Elizabeth Jordan

Virginia Kidd

Inger Lindholm

Catherine Locke

Charlotte Luallin

Carolyn Frame Meeker

Susana Mullen

Vicki L. Nicholson

Kathleen Papst

Bonnie Penix

Anne Rhodes

Elizabeth Rose

Sandi Schoenman

Ellynrose Sheehan

Hedda Smithson

Shirley Wheeler

Linda Whitney

Patricia Winkle

Sandra Winter

Gloria Yost