AAUW Sacramento Branch Nominating Committee Report for March 2018

The nominees for the 2018-2019 Officers of the AAUW Sacramento Branch are as follows:

  • Presidents: Donna Holmes and Elizabeth Jordan
  • President Elect: Vacant – available opportunity
  • Program Director: Deborah Dunn
  • Program Co-Director: Vacant – available opportunity
  • Membership Co-Directors:    Linda Patterson and Sharon Norris
  • AAUW Fund Co-Directors:    Kathy Asay and Alicia Hetman
  • Finance Director: May Ruth Lynch
  • Secretary: Tiffany Ardisana-James

 The nominees for the 2018-2019 Nominating Committee are:

  •   Nancy McCabe
  •  Marty McKnew
  •  Della Knowles

Article V, Section 1-c of the Sacramento Branch by-laws state, “The names of the nominees for elected officers shall be published and sent to every member at least ten days prior to the annual branch meeting.” The next branch meeting is March 24, 2018.  A motion will be made and a vote taken. Election shall be by a majority vote of those voting.

Nominating Committee Report submitted by the Sacramento Branch Nominating Committee;

Current Members:  Shari Beck, Della Knowles, Barbara Smith, Pamella Vaughn and Ruth Werner (Chairperson).