Upcoming Association Vote by Ruth Ann Hines

(** Editor’s Note: we originally edited the Sacramento branch board.  This is incorrect.  The National board is the board the feels strongly about eliminating the degree requirement for membership. We apologize for the confusion.)

In early March, you should have received emails from AAUW Association Editor Hannah Belec. If you still have them, click on the one that is about the vote coming up in April. If not, go to AAUW’s website and look for “vote.”

The following are the three proposals we will be voting on:

  • Create a three-year staggered board terms and includes a realignment of the board
  • Delete the requirement that board members be members of AAUW

“These first two proposals would bring AAUW’s board governance structure more in line with nationally accepted non-profit best practices in the needs of the organization.”

  • Eliminates the degree requirement for membership

The national board feels strongly that while the degree requirement made perfect sense at AAUW’s inception, this requirement is now perceived by many as counter to our mission and limits our ability to build the capacity needed to increase our impact as an organization.

Voting via email will begin on April 25 and end on June 9. Association is encouraging members to discuss these three issues before the vote

We encourage you to vote in this important election as Association bylaws require 5 percent of our members vote. In the last election, only 11.49% voted. We have a voting goal of 100% of our members, especially on these issues that could result in major changes to our organization.

If you have any questions, please give me a call at 916-806-1243 or email me at rahcfh7925@att.net.

Ruth Ann Hines
Branch Parliamentarian
AAUW-CA Governance Committee Member