A Celebration by Kathleen Asay, Funds Co-director

If you need it, here’s another reason to attend our annual spring luncheon this month: Be there to celebrate the completion of our 100th Anniversary Grant fund and recognize our Named Gift Honorees. With all the wonderful women in AAUW Sacramento, it was hard to select a just few to receive a special mention, but we did it. Show your support for their work for our branch by joining in the applause.

And a reminder: May is the month to renew your branch membership and a convenient and traditional opportunity to donate to AAUW Funds. Note the enclosed list of funds to choose from and read the brief blurbs about them. Allow yourself a moment to be inspired by all the good work of this organization. Remember the moving article Alicia Hetman wrote about the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund. This year, the branch is hoping you will remember that Alicia herself has a grant fund in need of completion. Let’s fulfill this fund and get it stipend-producing. Note that undesignated donations are given to fund 9110, the fund used for whatever is needed to operate AAUW.