Funds Update by Kathleen Asay and Danielle Metzinger

Kathy Asay

As I go into my second year as a Co-Funds Director for the Sacramento Branch, I am pleased to introduce my new partner, Danielle Metzinger. Danielle joined AAUW five years ago after graduating from William Jessup University. She has participated in a book discussion group and a Great Decisions section, helped select scholarship awardees, and served as a judge for Speech Trek contests. Exposure to these programs piqued her interest in the Funds side of AAUW. Professionally, she has leadership experience in the nonprofit, private and public sectors. She currently works as a Learning and Development Specialist at CalSTRS, and she is pursuing a master’s degree in Organization Development at the University of San Francisco.

Danielle Metzinger

Danielle has a busy life, but she is committed to sharing her busy life with all of us to help us learn the many ways AAUW Funds help us as an organization improve equity and education for women and girls in this country and abroad. AAUW Funds has given us reports such as Graduating to the Pay Gap and programs such as Tech Trek. They have supported research projects by branches and individuals, particularly graduate and post-doctoral women. We are justly proud of all that women have accomplished with the aid of AAUW Funds.

We begin our journey on a high note this year with the recent completion of the Sacramento branch’s 100th Anniversary Research and Projects Grant. Danielle and I will share the progress toward our fund’s first grantee, as well as what we learn about other Funds activity locally and nationally. We will also keep you informed about opportunities to enjoy the proud moments that Funds has given us all.

To that end, you are encouraged to attend any of the three fall Funds luncheons to meet some of our wonderful recipients:

  • NorCal – South San Francisco: Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Basque Cultural Center,
  • NorCal – Danville: Sunday, Oct. 7 at the Crow Canyon Country Club,
  • SoCal – Seal Beach: Saturday, Oct. 13 at the Old Ranch Country Club, https://seal -beach-

For more information, see or contact one of us.