Exploring Our Interest Groups by Cherril Peabody

You may have wondered what the Great Decisions groups do. They meet once a month from January or February through October and read about and discuss current events topics. The Great Decisions book comes from the Foreign Policy Association, and other groups besides AAUW use it. Each year’s edition covers a broad range of topics.

Our branch has three Great Decisions groups. They meet in members’ homes, which is why one group, Great Decisions II, is currently not taking any new members – there is no room for them! Great Decisions I meets on the third Monday at 7 p.m. The new chair of that group is Cathy Locke, and she says their group has room for several more members. You can contact Cathy at cathylocke75@gmail.com. Great Decisions III meets in the daytime at 1 p.m., also on the third Monday, and Marlys Huez is the chair. They sometimes go out for lunch or have a potluck before they meet. They are welcoming new members, so you can contact Marlys at mhuez@comcast.net. The group members live all over town, so they carpool, and you too can be a part of that if you join the group.