Tribute to Elizabeth-Perry Piazza By Lisa Beauchamp with contributions from Gloria Yost

Elizabeth-Perry Piazza

Elizabeth-Perry Piazza

It is with a sad heart that I write this article.

My friend and mentor, Liz Perry-Piazza, passed away this May. As many of you knew, she was a great lady. A lady that not only believed in the mission of AAUW but lived it.

Liz and I became friends soon after I joined the branch. It was at a board meeting that she asked for help on a fundraiser for Tech Trek. Little did I know by volunteering that we’d become good friends in the process. It also turned out that Liz and I lived just a few streets away from each other, so we spent quite a bit of time drinking tea, sharing stories and planning Tech Trek fundraisers.

Liz was devoted to Tech Trek, and each year she would find ways to raise the money to send the girls to camp. She’d contact the local schools, send out the applications and get ready for the difficult task of interviewing the camper candidates. Anyone who has helped interview the girls before knows what a tough job this is. Liz would always tell me how she wished that she had the money to send all of them. Thanks to Liz and her devotion, we raised more money with her guidance than ever before and created a solid foundation for the future of the program.

Liz believed in the mission of AAUW, and it showed. She was there if you needed help or support, and she always saw friendship in the many faces of AAUW Sacramento, both past and future.

Aunt Lizzy, as she was known by family, had moved to Virginia and later to North Carolina to be closer to her relatives, but she maintained her Sacramento Branch membership until very recently. She enjoyed keeping up with our activities through the newsletter.

The Liz I got to know I will never forget. She will be missed. Please join me in taking a moment to remember this very special lady, Elizabeth Perry-Piazza.