Interest Group Updates by Becky Anton

Becky Anton

I have been a member of AAUW since about 2005 and have been on the board previously and was the chair of the late Healthy Heart Luncheon group. I am a retired Registered Nurse from the UCD Medical Center and again as a Faith Community Nurse from my church. I am very pleased to be a part of AAUW and our mission to support women of all ages in pursuing education and seeking justice for all women.

I regularly attend the Art and Architecture, the Gourmet Group and the Couples Dine-Out and find the interest groups a great way to get more acquainted with each other.

Currently, there are 14 interest groups, and they are listed in front of the Membership Directory and Handbook.

  • The Evening Games Group is looking for new participants to join them for board games. Call Ruth Werner at 916-442-3270 for information.
  • There also is interest in starting another Gourmet Group. If you are interested, please contact me, Becky Anton, at 916-996-6518.
  • If anyone wants to start another interest group, please contact me at 916-996-6518 and we will start the simple process for approval by the executive board.