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Update on Tech Trek and Future Plans

Due to the ongoing pandemic, AAUW CA has canceled Tech Trek camps for this summer. All monies sent in by the branch will be held over for next year’s camp. Our branch intends to honor the girls who were selected this year and involve them in a branch Tech Trek alumni effort that is being created. More information will follow.

Board Briefs April 6, 2020 by Cherril Peabody

 Here are the highlights of the April AAUW Sacramento Virtual Board Meeting:

 Membership Treasurer S. Anderson reported that she had ordered the membership milestone 50-year pins from National AAUW that were approved for purchase at the March Board meeting. C. Goehring confirmed that the pins were received.

Co-President L. Jordan announced that she has created a ballot that can be filled out and returned online. This is necessary because the April branch meeting where the branch election for next year’s board officers was scheduled to be held has been canceled because of COVID-19. The ballots will be emailed on April 10 with a deadline of April 17 for the completed ballots to be returned. Paper ballots will be sent to those without computer access. Thirty-two completed ballots are needed for a quorum. The results will be sent via email.

The Nominating Committee still needs a Co-Membership Director and a Finance Director for the 2020-2021 program year.

Scholarship Co-Director L. Patterson announced that the Scholarship Committee reviewed the applications of 10 women and selected five of them via email to be the recipients of the 2020-2021 $2,000 scholarship grants.

Program: The Board is looking at possible videoconferencing alternatives for the installation meeting if the restrictions on public gatherings remain in place through May.

Tech Trek Director J. Reiken reported that this summer’s Tech Trek camp has been canceled because of COVID-19. Before State AAUW made this decision, our branch had chosen two girls each from three schools to participate. State is now asking for participating branches’ input into whether the girls selected for this year’s camp should be allowed to be carried over until next year’s camp, which would make them a year older than the usual age.

Old Business: The AAUW Convention was canceled because of COVID-19.

The idea of establishing a Stewardship Committee to help thank branch donors was discussed. S. Anderson will write an article for Capital Ideas and B. Anton will write an item for Branch News You Can Use announcing this new branch volunteer opportunity.