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California Is In It To Win It! Legacy Circle Contest by Charmen Goehring

The competition is on to increase the number of Legacy Circle members in our branch. This statewide contest will end in November and members of the winning branch will be invited to a special Virtual celebration with AAUW CA President Dianne Owens, AAUW CA Funds Chair Judy Cavin Brown, AAUW Director of Development Heather Miller and maybe other special guests. The winning branch will also be closer to completing its Funds Star in the 5 Star program and receive a special banner to display at meetings, virtual or in person.

The Legacy Circle is a special group of members who have made plans to include AAUW in their estate planning. There are numerous ways to do this from making AAUW the beneficiary or part beneficiary on an insurance policy or 401K to creating a charitable gift annuity. Becoming a member is easy and takes less than five minutes online. Or, you can download and mail in a form. AAUW does not require you to designate an amount, all that is needed now is your commitment.

We look forward to expanding the Legacy Circle and the special recognition each member receives for their commitment to equity for all women and girls. Join us! Questions? Contact Charmen Goehring ( or 207-756-0406), Northern CA Legacy Circle Liaison.

Charmen Goehring

Funds Tea for One Coming Soon! by Charmen Goehring

This year, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and most programming moving to Zoom, the annual State Funds luncheons in October will be held on the virtual platform. This means that more of us will be able to “attend” and hear the inspiring women in California who have received AAUW fellowships and grants.

It also provided me with inspiration for a unique branch fundraising opportunity. Normally, the funds luncheon costs $45 and a drive to the Bay Area. This year, in lieu of listening to speakers over lunch, I am offering to deliver Tea for One to your home in time for the presentation on October 10!

For a $25 minimum donation to the Greatest Needs Fund, I will bring homemade scones and jam with a tea bag or two to your home on the morning of October 10. Enjoy your treats while listening to our fellows during the 1pm event on Zoom. You will also be helping our branch reach 5 Star Status!

You can mail a check to our CFO, Liz Jordan, with Tea for One/Greatest Needs in the memo line, or make your donation online at and email Charmen Goehring to let me know. The sooner you donate, the easier my planning will be.

Thank you for supporting AAUW Funds, especially the Greatest Needs.

Kathy Asay

Kathy Asay


Fund News by Kathleen Asay and Merrie McLaughlin

In 2018, AAUW created a Strategic Plan for the current and future operation of our organization. We’re hoping you are becoming familiar with the five new funds that grew out of that plan but, if not, here’s a review. As you will see, the funds of the past have been absorbed into these, the funds of the future.

The first and most vital fund is the Greatest Needs Fund #9110 because as it states it can be used where needed, even to support programs administered through other funds. By enabling AAUW to respond quickly to societal change and opportunities for action, it ensures our participation in the effort to provide equity to women and girls.

The next three funds are Education and Training #4450, Economic Security #4449 and Leadership #4452. These funds are more specific in their goals and funding targets. Education and Training supports public policy, fellowships and grants, and research to see that all levels of education are free from sex discrimination. Economic Security #4449 includes pay equity, Title VII and retirement security through Start Smart, Work Smart and the Legal Advocacy Fund. Leadership #4452 seeks to develop women leaders so that the concerns of women and girls will be considered in training and careers. NCCWSL is a Leadership program at the national level. (At the branch level, funds for college students to attend the national conference are raised locally.)

The fifth fund is Governance and Sustainability #4451 which is designed to support the operation of AAUW, using modern technology and communications to expand and create a vital and diverse outreach.

These are big goals. Important goals. If you have any questions about these goals and the funds that support them, contact us.

Finally, some of you may remember that in September 2018 you were told in this space about Cecilia Payne who received an AAUW fellowship in 1924 to complete her PhD. in astronomy at Harvard. Payne received Harvard’s first PhD in astronomy and went on to become the first female department head at the university. Her work in studying the stars is still recognized for its importance to the field. A biography of Payne has just been published if you’re interested in learning more about this brilliant woman: What Stars Are Made Of by Donovan Moore.