Branch Birthdays, Book Groups, Printable Newsletter Articles, Interest Groups, and Did You Know?

Branch Birthdays, Book Groups, and Printable Newsletter Articles

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  • Click here for Branch Birthdays for July
  • Click here for Book Group books for June
  • Click here for Book Group books for July
  • Click here for Printable Newsletter Articles

Interest Groups

You can find out about the Interest Groups offered by the branch by looking at the banner on the home webpage (just under the branch photo) and clicking on “Activities”. Click on “Interest Groups” and you will find a list of all Interest Groups, when they meet, and the group leader to contact for more information (email addresses and phone numbers can be found in the Branch Membership Directory and Handbook).

Some Interest Groups are taking a break during the pandemic, but a number are still meeting – virtually! According to the Interest Group Coordinator, Vicki Nicholson, here are the groups that are currently meeting:

  • All Book Groups
  • All 3 sections of Great Decisions
  • Art & Architecture
  • Board Games (Evening) – recently started meeting again!
  • Film Fans
  • Reader’s Theater
  • Travel

Feel free to contact a group leader to learn more about the Interest Group. They would love to have you join in!

Did You Know?

AAUW CA Public Policy Update: A reminder that you can get the latest information on California state public policies that concern the AAUW mission at