Messages from our 2021 NCCWL Attendees

Messages from our 2021 NCCWSL Attendees-Forwarded by Gloria Yost

NCCWSL = National Conference for Collegiate Women Student Leaders

I wanted to let you know that I got the NCCWSL tote bag and the wonderful card! I did have such an enjoyable experience at NCCWSL. I learned a lot, but my favorite part was the STEM table. Being a STEM major myself, I found it inspiring to hear from the women featured. One of the ladies, Jen Tassi, was a forensic chemistry major in college and that’s what I’m majoring in, so it was just so exciting to hear from someone who went through the same path I’m currently working through. We focused a lot on mentorship in our breakout room with Maria Molina Higgins, who is a professor of engineering at Penn State University; how to find a mentor, how to be a mentor, how to promote yourself, etc. It was a smaller and more intimate talk than the main Zoom session, so it was good to hear the questions from the other girls.

Overall, I had an amazing experience, and it made me excited for the future working with AAUW! Thank you very much for the opportunity!
–Serena Sotelo

I want to thank the Sacramento AAUW chapter for the tote bag and support in attending the NCCWSL. I enjoyed listening to the amazing speakers and participating in conversations around succeeding as a woman in a science major. I left the conference feeling inspired and motivated. It was great to speak with those who are on, or have been on, a similar path.

I also enjoyed Dr. Taharee Jackson’s talk that centered around the Black Lives Matter movement. I appreciated her sharing different stories, wisdom, and the importance of being willing to learn about the challenges people in our communities face.  Humanity is a community, and when someone is suffering in a community, it is important to listen and learn to make changes so that every person in that community feels equal, safe and respected.

Thank you again for the meaningful experience!
–Tiffiny Joseph

I want to thank the Sacramento AAUW chapter for sponsoring me to attend NCCWSL, sending me the NCCWSL tote bag, and for opening your doors to allow me to get to know the chapter better!

I thoroughly enjoyed NCCWSL, and attended several panels and workshops, including one on starting a nonprofit, which reignited my excitement in nonprofit work! I also attended a panel on financial confidence, something that was and continues to be so helpful to me right now as I have just graduated and my financials will be changing soon, once I get a job.

Thank you again for your assistance and kindness, and I hope to meet you all in October! Sending wishes of health and happiness to you all.
–Ashley D. Jeffers