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AAUW Fund Update By Charmen Goehring

Thanks to the generosity of many members in our branch, AAUW Sacramento contributed $17,487.50 to the AAUW Fund in 2022. This amount topped last year! Most of the funding was designated to the Greatest Needs account, which allows AAUW to remain nimble and able to respond to needs that arise. Thank you to those who donated so bountifully!

AAUW Sacramento also leads all other branches in the state in number of Legacy Circle members. There is always room for more! A special event for prospective members was held last month and netted two additional members in CA and others across the country. Another exclusive online event will be held in May for all current Legacy Circle members — I would love to see so many Sacramento faces on that Zoom screen!

You can find more information on how easy it is to become a member Here or contact me at charminme@yahoo.com. Legacy Circle is a fantastic way to ensure that our organization is around for years to come “fighting the good fight!”

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