News from NCCWSL

News from NCCWSL Forwarded By Gloria Yost

From attendee Roshelle Czar:

As a women’s studies major, I was really grateful to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), especially because this was my last year at Sacramento State University.

I got the chance to meet Blair Amani, who is the head of Education at the Feminists. As a fellow Muslim myself, it was wonderful to see that kind of representation and to be able to speak with her in regards to her work.

The workshops were also insightful as one of them taught me how to run for office and asked that we come up with an elevator pitch as well.

Lastly, hearing all the wonderful speakers present on their journeys and the resilience that kept them going was beyond inspiring. It allowed me to see that we must always remain humble in our pursuits and also not get stuck in comparing ourselves with other people. Sometimes, social media can do that to us, and it’s not healthy to operate in that manner. It was a gentle reminder to hold compassion for myself as well. Please view attached pictures from the conference.