Membership Happenings

Membership Happenings By Gloria Yost and Vicky Lovell

Strengthening our AAUW Sacramento connections and friendships

As we wrap up 2023 and turn toward a new year, it’s a good time think about how AAUW Sacramento can contribute even more to your life, and how you can contribute more to the branch.  Would you like to try a new interest group this year?  Do you have a friend who would like to join a book group you’re enjoying?  We’ve already hosted several excellent events this fall – are you keeping up to date on which you’d like to attend?  There are so many opportunities to learn and enjoy the company of other members.

Our Membership Ambassadors

Our Membership Ambassador ranks grew by two this month.  Marjorie Wade and Monique Stovall each brought guests to the December Winter Luncheon.

Winner of our “bring in a new member drawing” in December:  Marlys Huez

Congratulations Marlys!  Please be sure Gloria Yost knows when you bring a guest and potential member to a meeting so you can get your name on the wall of recognition.

Meet our New AAUW Sacramento Member!

Please join the membership team in welcoming our new member who joined in December.

Hopefully you’ll have a chance to get to know her at a branch event, or an interest group or book group meeting:  Kathryn Rutledge

Celebrating January Birthdays! 

Happy Birthday to All!

  • Lana Widman                                  1/1
  • Susana Mullen                                1/1
  • Marilyn Orrick                                 1/6
  • Joanne Reiken                                 1/6
  • Tiffany Ardisana                             1/6
  • Mary Miller                                     1/14
  • Jane Pivetti                                      1/15
  • Gloria Yost                                      1/17
  • Gretchen Christophel                   1/18
  • Nancy Nolen-Swanson                  1/21
  • Kimberly Rutledge                         1/23
  • Betty Hayes                                    1/24
  • Elizabeth Rose                               1/24
  • Katherine Henderson                  1/26
  • Joan Hammond                             1/27
  • Molly Dugan                                   1/31